Dillon Danis claims Jon Jones ‘sucks’ at everything, boasting to easily defeat UFC champ in potential bout

Fighters often make bold statements to get attention and set up big fights. Dillon Danis, known for his skills in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, recently criticized Jon Jones. Many people see Jon Jones as one of the best fighters in the UFC.

Danis is scheduled to face off against Logan Paul in a boxing match. The former Bellator star is also facing defamation charges from Nina Agdal, the fiancee of his next boxing opponent.

Dillon Danis claims Jon Jones s*cks at fighting

Dillon Danis was a recent guest on the Flagrant podcast of Andrew Schulz. During the podcast, comments made by Danis gained notoriety as he went on to criticize Jon Jones and also the light heavyweight division of the UFC.

Jon Jones he has won many UFC fights and only lost once due to a DQ. He has beaten a string of top fighters in the light heavyweight division and is the current heavyweight champion. On the other hand, Danis is an internet troll who likes to talk big to challenge others, get in the news, and set up a big fight that makes money.

‘Bones’ is one of the most complete fighters in the UFC as he is good at striking, and wrestling, and can also adjust to different situations. On the other hand, Danis saying he could beat Jones would be an exaggeration for many fans. Even if they never actually fight, the comment increases the popularity of Danis on social media, which is what he strives for.

Dillon Danis
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Danis is mostly known for his grappling skills. Meanwhile, Jon Jones is arguably the GOAT of MMA. Even though Danis is undefeated in MMA, he hasn’t been active for a long time and has been on the wrong side of many incidents.

Dillon Danis feud with Jon Jones

Dillon Danis often makes headlines with his outspoken nature and willingness to engage in verbal back-and-forths. However, he hasn’t had a significant or prolonged public dispute with Jon Jones. Danis has repeatedly called out Jones, but Jones has not responded yet.

Jon Jones
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The reigning UFC heavyweight champion has been involved in various controversies throughout his career and has engaged in trash talk with numerous fighters. However, Danis hasn’t been a prominent figure in these exchanges. The more Danis tried to provoke a confrontation, the more the UFC champion avoided it.

Jones’ social media confrontations have mostly been with elite athletes, as he does not seem to view Danis as an elite fighter. Moreover, he has publicly stated that Danis is clout chasing. Danis has boasted in different podcasts that he could defeat Jon Jones in an MMA fight, but fans have consistently criticized him whenever he made such bold claims.

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