Dillon Danis took a sly dig at MJF in a now-deleted post after AEW star’s odd request for everyone to ‘stop posting the photo’

AEW World Champion MJF has always been salty to his opponents since his debut. Wrestling fans call him The Salt of the Earth because of his characteristics. Up until now, he has shattered many with his words both in the ring and out of the ring.

However, someone of his caliber has appeared in front of him and that person is the most brutal troll on the Internet. It is Dillon Danis as he has embarrassed the AEW superstar by uploading a photo.

Dillon Danis posts embarrassing photo of MJF

MMA fighter Dillon Danis is still not satisfied after taking several shots at The AEW World Champion as he took a sly shot at MJF once again. Recently in a now-deleted tweet, Dillon shared an embarrassing half-naked photo of The Salt of the Earth. This photo was a wardrobe malfunction from a previous match.

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After Dillon posted this photo, it immediately became trending and fans started trolling the AEW superstar by mentioning him. As Friedman was getting mentioned he got irritated and asked the MMA fighter to stop posting the photo. Later, Danis deleted the tweet from his account by accepting the request of Friedman.

Dillon Danis and MJF feud explained

AEW World Champion MJF has been in many heated conversations with many famous athletes on social media. A few months ago The Salt of the Earth got into an online feud with MMA fighter Dillon Danis.

The first shot was taken by Dillon in April 2023 where he said that if he ever saw MJF in person, he would change the structure of the AEW World Champion’s face. AEW champion replied with a harsh tweet as he asked about Danis’s identity. Dillon then swore to “slap the taste” out of The Salt of the Earth.

After that, they had many heated interactions on X/Twitter. The major quarrel between them occurred when MJF was ranked no.1 in The Ultimate Influencer’s ranking whereas Logan Paul was ranked no.10. Due to that Friedman wanted to attend the IMPAULSIVE podcast

As Dillon has a rivalry with Logan, he suddenly started poking the AEW star by saying how easy wrestling was and how the star needed to be in a real fight. Replying to this, The AEW World Champion called Danis Jobless.

Do you think MJF and Dillon Danis will ever get to fight in the ring? Let us know your take on it in the comment section!

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