What happened to the Las Vegas Sphere climber days before the Super Bowl LVIII?

The anticipation for Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is amplified by the iconic Las Vegas Sphere. The colossal orb has been captivating passersby with its mesmerizing displays. This architectural marvel doubles as a venue for U2 concerts, drawing crowds with its unique allure.

However, recent headlines veered from celebration to concern as a daring individual scaled the sphere. The move prompted his arrest and also caused a huge amount of damage to the Sphere.

Las Vegas Sphere climber’s latest report shows 100K damages

A man named Maison Des Champs incurred over $100,000 in damages to the iconic 366-foot-tall Las Vegas Sphere during a recent climb. The Sphere has been adorned with 58 million lights, forming a colossal LED screen for its unique ads displays. It is a marvel of technology and artistry, but its delicate exterior cannot withstand the weight of a human.

Matthew German, the Las Vegas Sphere’s vice president of security and threat management, highlighted the fragility of the structure. He noted that repair work is conducted internally to avoid any contact with the delicate outer surface, known as the exosphere. Besides lights, the sphere has 1.2 million pucks, and each holds 48 lights. The aluminum track supporting the lights is not designed to bear the weight of a person, making climbing attempts not only damaging but potentially dangerous.

Officials are unable to provide an exact estimate of the damage due to the vast number of lights, but it is expected to exceed $100,000, via NY Post. Concerns were also raised about possible leaks of intellectual property during the live-streamed climb.

The perpetrator of the climb now faces serious charges, including destruction of property exceeding $5,000 and conspiracy to destroy private property. German and three others involved in the stunt were arrested and subsequently released with strict conditions pending further legal proceedings. They are set to reappear in court two days later.

Meet the guy who climbed up the Las Vegas Sphere

Maison Des Champs is a self-described “pro-life Spiderman” and is known for climbing skyscrapers to collect money for anti-abortion causes. He got his inspiration from the legendary ‘French Spider-Man,’ Alain Robert, who climbed the New York Times building to voice against climate change.

During his recent climbing at the Las Vegas Sphere, Maison showcased his daring climb with a GoPro camera strapped to his head. He explained in the video that his mission was to raise funds for a pregnant homeless woman. His intention was to assist her in canceling her scheduled abortion appointment. The entire ascent took a mere 20 minutes, and many onlookers spotted or tuned into his scaling the sphere.

An engineer inside the structure alerted law enforcement. Maison assured that he would descend after reaching the top, but authorities insisted on a controlled exit. Eventually, the engineer facilitated Maison’s descent by removing a light track to ensure a safe exit.

However, this isn’t Maison’s first rendezvous with daring climbs and legal entanglements. After ascending the Aria on the Strip in August 2021, Las Vegas police detained him. During this climb, Maison voiced his opposition to mask mandates amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He also faced detainment in Arizona for scaling the 483-foot Chase Tower before last year’s Super Bowl.


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