Draymond Green on Jayson Tatum’s MVP credentials: he will not be taken seriously for the award

As the NBA regular season is coming closer to its end, the discussion about the Most Valuable Player is rising among the NBA community, especially on social media. With the current trend in favor of Nikola Jokic, there are multiple shouts for Jayson Tatum.

One such backer of the Celtics forward has made sure the NBA community know his take on the battle for MVP. The person in question is none other than the ever-vocal Draymond Green. The controversy magnet has opened about why Jayson Tatum is his bet to bag the MVP title.

Draymond Green backs Jayson Tatum for MVP

With the Boston Celtics at the top of the Eastern Conference table and Jayson Tatum being their best player should have the highest chance for winning the individual award according to the Draymond Green, despite being ranked fifth on DraftKings.

The 4-time NBA Champion said, “So, the MVP race right now, Joker is the leader on DraftKings. SGA, Luka, Giannis and Tatum are the next four. You know, sometimes it’s like, ‘That team is winning, and that guy is the best player and playing well.’”

Meanwhile, Nikola Jokic has been giving outstanding performances week after week and earned his position at the top of the MVP race being the favorite.

The 33-year-old also pointed out, “JT will not be taken serious for the MVP until he win a championship. And it just hasn’t been that way for everybody else, I must say. It was not that way for Joker. It was not that way for Giannis. It was not that way for Joel. I mean golly, that’s brutal.”

Green feels that it is not the same with the others on the list but when it comes to Tatum “the goalpost has shifted” and that he needs to prove as the most valuable only by winning the title.

Jayson Tatum backed by Damon Jones

Draymond Green is not the only one who thinks Jayson Tatum deserves to win the MVP title. The former Cleveland Cavaliers player and assistant coach Damon Jones also came in support of the Celtics forward.

When asked about his opinion on the individual award, Jones said, “I think, in my opinion, Jayson Tatum deserves to be the front-runner for MVP this year because he’s the best player on the best team.”

The Celtics are undoubtedly a superior team in the league at the moment and Tatum’s performance has added to their success. While the last year’s All-Star MVP is performing like a team player, the others in the MVP list have comparatively higher individual records this season so far.

Even if Jayson Tatum fails to win the MVP award, the way Celtics are playing, he would not mind ending the season with the Naismith trophy in his hands instead.

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