George Russell sheds light on Lewis Hamilton’s ‘bold move’ to Ferrari

Having been a permanent figure at Mercedes for over ten years, Lewis Hamilton has not only demonstrated the ability to adapt to the team’s strategic approaches but has also sealed a strong bond within the F1 team.

Nonetheless, the announcement of his departure has evoked mixed emotions from certain members, reflecting a blend of sadness and fondness due to their deep attachment to him. Despite his relatively brief time alongside Hamilton, George Russell has also been impacted by the news and has recently shared his perspectives on the situation.

George Russell talks about Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari move

Previously, George Russell was the main driver for the Williams F1 team from 2019 to 2021; however, he parted ways with the team and transitioned to Mercedes in the 2022 campaign. Since then, the British have been the main drivers of the team alongside the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Although both drivers have been working with each other for only three years, Russell has gained a strong sense of respect and admiration for the 39-year-old driver by witnessing his fame and business endeavours beyond Formula One achievements.

However, the sudden departure news from Hamilton has been a complete shock for Russell, as the team was already preparing to improve their car conditions to end the prolonged dominance of the Dutch sensation, Max Verstappen, on the grid. Despite the sadness surrounding the news, he has been vocal about the news, expressing his gratitude towards different social media platforms and cherishing each moment they spend together.

Russell also spoke at the pre-testing session held in Bahrain last week and voiced his opinions on Hamilton’s unexpected move by saying, “It’s going to be an interesting few months to see what happens. But from my side, I’ve been teammates with arguably the greatest driver of all time for the past two years. I’ve got no concerns at all about who lines up alongside me.”

“I want to be tested against the very best. And I feel that’s what I’ve had the last two years.”

“Whether it’s an experienced driver or a young driver, I feel that personally, I’m in a great position to help push the team forward and go into this next chapter for the team.”

George Russell holds high expectations from next teammate

On the other hand, Russell is fully prepared to have a new teammate starting in the 2025 season. He has claimed that after being the teammate of a seven-time World Champion for three consecutive years, no other driver would have the ability to intimidate him any further on the grid as a former teammate.

Instead, he would set high expectations for his next teammate, rather than feeling inferior. He said, “I don’t really mind who’s lining up next to me [in 2025]. When you’ve had Lewis Hamilton as your teammate for three years, it’s difficult to live up to that.”

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