Draymond Green once roasted Warriors’ new recruit Rodney McGruder after Pistons game

NBA veteran Rodney McGruder will be signing with the Golden State Warriors soon. This could lead to some pressure back in the locker room given Warrior’s Draymond Green was not very humble in his opinion of Rodney in the past.

The comments by Green originated in a post-match interview back in 2021 when he was asked about the squabble between Pistons Rodney and Warriors’ Juan Tuscano Anderson. The comments were not so polite and now that McGruder is set to join the Warriors it can lead to some locker room tension.

Green’s candid remarks on Rodney McGruder come full circle

Draymond Green was asked about the squabble between his then teammate Juan and then Pistons player Rodney McGruder and his remarks were not very humble towards Rodney.

He said, “I do not know. I was in the locker room. But apparently, he was taking up for Wayne Ellington. When the f–k did Rodney McGruder become the tough guy? I do not know man, everybody in the league tough these days. It is crazy, I have seen a lot of tough guys this year. I do not understand it. And don’t nobody do anything.”

Green clearly did not hold back and took his teammates side which would have been the obvious and right move. However, the supposed beef looked to have ended as in the November of 2021 during a match between the Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons, Green and Rodney were seen talking and shaking hands after the Warriors secured a close win.

Draymond Green re-signed with Warriors on $100 million deal

Shams Charania of the Athletic also reported on the resigning of Draymond Green. Green re-signed with the Golden State Warriors on a $100 million deal for four years. The exact details of the deal have not been disclosed but it is worth noting that Dray Magic will have a player option in the fourth year of his renewed contract.

It was an obvious move by Draymond Green given his history with the Dubs and the huge value he still holds for them. Draymond has become a key player of the core tactics of the Golden State Warriors and is nearly indispensable along with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. He is very popular among fans and not signing him back would have surely triggered some fans on to the decision.

Draymond Green
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What do you think of Rodney McGruder’s potential deal with the Dubs? Do you think the Warriors should emphasize a different type of player given that they lack a firm center? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comment section and share with us.

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