NBA Rumors: Draymond Green’s furious reaction to media leaks potentially hints at Dwight Howard’s transfer to Warriors almost confirmed

It seems very likely that the eight-time NBA All-Star, Dwight Howard will be making his way to the Golden State Warriors. The rumors circulating the move of Howard to Warriors has been floating around for some time but there were no concrete reports until now.

However, it looks like the fans may have something to latch on to as a confirmation of the move. The Warriors star Draymond Green has reacted to one of the reports of Dwight Howard’s move and his response looks quite like a confirmational giveaway.

Draymond Greens reacts to Dwight Howard trade rumors

Draymond Green came across a trade rumor of Dwight Howard having completed the interview process with the Warriors and that he would be joining the Dubs soon. Green furiously reacted to this leak and responded by quote tweeting the rumor post saying, “One day, one day, everything wont leak. One day. Good for you btw Jason. But one day, EVERYTHING won’t leak. I have a dream.”

His hilarious reaction has the fans speculating if there will soon be an official announcement from the Golden State Warriors about the move.

Dwight Howards is a powerful player and would benefit the Warriors immensely under the ring and inside the paint. But it is yet to been if the rumors turn out to be true as there still has been no official statement.

Update on Dwight Howard’s move to Warriors

Dwight Howard’s last run in the NBA was in the 2021-22 season with the Los Angeles Lakers after which he moved on to Taiwan. He played in Taiwan with the Taoyuan Leopards and spent rest of his time joking with other NBA players to come and experience Asia with him. However, it now seems that the big man is setting himself up for a return stint in the NBA after his time in Asia.

Dwight Howard
Credits: AP

Several rumors have indicated that Dwight will make a return with the Golden State Warriors, and it logically looks the most appropriate move as well. The Warriors are lacking in the frontcourt department and the services of the former big man can be very crucial for them, even making them possible championship contenders in the upcoming season. However there has not been any official announcement and it still remains a mystery whether we will see the Superman of the NBA playing for the Warriors.

What do you think of Green’s reaction to Dwight Howard’s trade rumors? Do you think he will impact the performance of Warriors in a positive way? We are eager to know your thoughts, so comment down below and share your take.

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