Dwyane Wade’s one decision ruined Chris Paul’s chance to pair with LeBron James at Miami Heat

Despite all the accolades earned throughout his 19-year NBA career, Chris Paul remains deprived of the holy grail of the NBA: a Championship ring. Arguably one of the greatest point guards ever, “the point God” is still in search of that elusive championship win.

However, things could have been much different, as his failed move to the Heat remains one of the “what if” stories of the NBA. Heat legend Dwyane Wade shed light on the scrapped move that would have placed CP3 among the greats of the game who fulfilled their quest to the NBA pinnacle.

Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade reveal why Heat trade collapsed

The Miami Heat had immense success with their star-studded lineup. In 2011 there were discussions going on about the possible addition of Chris Paul to the team which never actually happened because of a jersey.

In an episode of “The Why with Dwyane Wade” the host spoke about the failed trade of none other than his guest, Chris Paul. Wade revealed that they were done figuring out who would get the ball and how things would work if the point guard came from the Hornets.

The Co-owner of Utah Jazz and the former defensive shooting guard said, “We talk about all this — who gonna have the ball, we can all play together, CP, I can play off the ball — we figured all that out. Then somebody said, ‘Well, who gonna wear No. 3?’ Silence. Messed the whole trade up because CP couldn’t wear No. 3 in Miami.”

Wade did not want to give up his jersey for the 12-time NBA All-Star. The Heat President also declined the trade for the jersey which was later retired in 2020 to honor Dwyane Wade.

Chris Paul finally got traded to the Clippers that season. He also missed that opportunity to play alongside his close friend LeBron James and win the two NBA Championship titles that Miami won consecutively the following years (2012, 2013).

Chris Paul and LeBron James unbreakable bond

Chris Paul might not have joined the successful Miami Heat, but his bond with the former Heat star LeBron James is well known. Though the two stars never had the chance to play on the same team, their bond is inseparable. The friendship began even before their NBA careers began.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show, James mentioned CP as his “brother.” They had known each other since the eighth grade when they played in the AAU national tournament in Orlando and were together in the same recruiting class. James also made Paul the godfather of his eldest son, Bronny.

The two have gone their separate ways in achieving their dreams but their relationship remained just like it was in their youth. The NBA stars LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony were seen together riding a banana boat on a vacation. They were termed as the ‘Banana Boat Crew’ since the pictures went viral.

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