Eagles set to make history in Brazil with NFL’s first regular season game

The Super Bowl LVIII is going to kick off on February 11, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Las Vegas has already adorned itself with the excitement of the event. Spheres are ready to entertain fans with colorful displays of graphics.

The Philadelphia Eagles had a strong start to the season, but their postseason performance was quite disappointing. Despite the lack of enthusiasm from Philly fans for this year’s Super Bowl, they can still look forward to seeing Jalen Hurts and Co. showcase their skills in the 2024 season in Brazil.

Historic announcement by commissioner Roger Goodell involving Eagles

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell unveiled plans for the Eagles to headline the league’s inaugural regular-season game in Brazil on Friday, Sept. 6, 2024. This event not only marked the first NFL game in Brazil but also the debut of professional American football in South America.

The Eagles are set to clash against an as-yet-unannounced opponent in Sao Paolo’s Corinthians Arena, via AP News. The venue is renowned as the home of Brazilian soccer giants SC Corinthians.

Goodell answered questions on the fairness of the game in the midst of the enthusiasm around this global endeavor. There has been some concern, especially considering the Super Bowl is taking place in the gambling capital. Nevertheless, the veteran emphasized the league’s ongoing commitment to educating personnel about gambling policies and other factors that could affect the integrity of the game.

This Brazil game will count as one of the Eagles’ home games for the 2024 season. The team is still scheduled for nine home games at the Linc. The decision to have Philly play on a Friday echoes a historical precedent, as the last time they opened a season on a Friday was in 1948.

This upcoming event also breaks a 54-year hiatus from Friday night games during the opening weekend. The last such occurrence took place in 1970, when the Los Angeles Rams hosted the St. Louis Cardinals.

International expansion continues with five games scheduled abroad

The NFL’s global footprint continues to expand, as five regular-season games are scheduled to be played internationally in 2024. London has always been a perennial favorite for international games. It will once again host a significant portion of these matchups.

The highly anticipated matchups between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings will take place at the state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Meanwhile, Wembley Stadium will be hosting a clash featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars as part of their strategic partnership.

Germany rejoins the international NFL map with the iconic Allianz Arena in Munich playing host to the fifth game. LThe Carolina Panthers are set to showcase their skills in Munich. Plans are underway to expand international games to potentially eight matchups by 2025.

The NFL has steadily expanded its global footprint since initiating international regular-season games in 2007. London holds 36 games under its belt. Beyond the UK, Toronto, Frankfurt, Mexico City, and now Munich have warmly embraced NFL matchups to foster a growing international fan base.


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