Patrick Mahomes reveals his Stephen Curry resemblance in alternative career choice

As the Kansas City Chiefs advance closer to their Super Bowl LVIII aspirations, the anticipation for an intense showdown with the San Francisco 49ers is building. Both teams have descended upon Las Vegas to gear up for a thrilling battle to clinch the coveted championship trophy.

While football fans eagerly await Mahomes’ on-field exploits, the star quarterback himself is contemplating showcasing his basketball skills, drawing inspiration from NBA legend Stephen Curry.

Patrick Mahomes claims Stephen Curry is his NBA avatar

Patrick Mahomes recently shared his thoughts on his hypothetical NBA counterpart, likening himself to none other than the Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooter Stephen Curry. Mahomes expressed confidence in his ability to mirror Curry’s prowess on the basketball court, citing his own shooting skills as the foundation for such comparisons.

“If I played basketball, I’d just be like Stephen Curry. I mean, I got the shot. I just gotta get a couple extra reps, couple shots up and I’d be shooting just like him. That’s who I’ll be,” Mahomes said.

Stephen Curry’s presence in the NBA is unquestionable, as he consistently maintains a top position among the league’s players. Curry’s skill set and influence on the game are widely recognized, even though he is ranked fifth behind Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Mahomes clearly admires Curry for his incredible accomplishments and skill in basketball.

Mahomes looks up to Curry, but the NBA player had some criticism of Mahomes’ shooting abilities. A few days ago, when discussing Pat’s performance on the court, the NBA star recognized their versatile skills. However, he mentioned that the jump shot of the two-time Super Bowl winner could benefit from some fine-tuning.

Mahomes crossed paths with Curry

Last June, a unique sporting event brought together Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce with NBA legends Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, per Bleacher Report. Capital One’s “The Match 8” took place at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, where these athletes showcased their skills on the golf course.

Curry’s basketball skills are widely celebrated, but he has also showcased his golfing talents in several pro-am tournaments. With his impressive experience and a reliable partner in Thompson, they were widely regarded as the frontrunners for the match.

Nevertheless, the F1 owner duo surprised everyone by dominating the competition. Despite Curry and Thompson’s efforts, Mahomes and Kelce maintained control throughout the match. They lost only one hole before sealing the victory on the 10th, securing a memorable win against the basketball superstars.

Beyond the thrilling competition, “The Match 8” served a noble cause by raising funds for the No Kid Hungry campaign. This initiative aims to combat childhood hunger in the United States, which sheds light on the importance of using sports as a platform for social impact.

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