Eden Hazard claims ‘dieting is bullsh*t’, pinpoints major difference in mentality with Cristiano Ronaldo

Eden Hazard is now relishing life after retirement, enjoying his time away from the pitch. Following a trophy-laden 16-year long playing career, during which he represented some of Europe’s elite clubs in high-profile leagues and played at the international level for Belgium, Hazard had reached the pinnacle of the sport.

However, the Belgian struggled to meet the lofty expectations at Real Madrid, frequently hampered by fitness issues and a series of injuries. These setbacks deeply marred his once-illustrious career, prompting Hazard to retire. Recently, he has spoken about his approach to fitness, while also making subtle remarks about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Eden Hazard hates dieting

Eden Hazard once celebrated as a top Premier League star, experienced a significant decline and failed to reach the heights of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain. After his £100 million transfer from Stamford Bridge to Santiago Bernabeu in 2019, he faced a series of injuries that hampered his performance.

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The tenure of the former Chelsea standout at Real Madrid was marred by injuries and fitness challenges, with poor eating habits often blamed for his weight gain. Consequently, over four seasons with Los Blancos, the forward managed to make just 76 appearances.

He openly acknowledged his lax approach to his regime, admitting in a recent interview with L’Equipe that he struggled to manage it effectively, stating, “I wasn’t watching what I ate but I didn’t go for a burger every day either. You can’t do that for 16 years.”

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He added, “I didn’t think it was important. I’m a hedonist, I like to eat and drink with my friends. Dieting is bullshit, it doesn’t work. If you want to play until you’re 40, then ok, but I knew I wouldn’t be like that. I always have some champagne in my fridge.” 

Eden Hazard talks on Cristiano Ronaldo’s mental strength

The former Belgian international has brushed aside the intensity of Cristiano Ronaldo’s rigorous training routines, asserting that adhering to such strict standards would have led to his burnout. In fact, he recently linked up with a British millionaire who infamously got kicked by in 2013 during a League Cup match.

He said, “No. It wouldn’t have been me. After training, soaking in the cold bath for an hour, no. Leave me alone, with my friends, and we go home, play cards, and have a beer.”

“I play for two hours with my friends. Children in the garden. It was my recovery. If I had been like Cristiano, I would have been burned out.”

He insisted that he preferred spending his time playing cards, meeting friends, being with his children, or drinking beer, rather than engaging in recovery practices like taking cold baths after training sessions.


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