Everton point deduction: how does the Toffees’ appeal success change the Premier League table?

Everton fans finally have something to celebrate after a season full of hardships so far. The club was given a harsh punishment at the beginning of the season due to breaking the financial rules of the Premier League. The governing body had decided to slap them with a 10 points deduction at the time.

However, after a successful appeal, the Toffees have managed to reduce it to just 6 points which will heavily help them in their Premier League relegation battle. However, they are still at risk of another obstacle.

How does Everton’s partly successful point deduction appeal affect the PL table?

Everton were previously given a 10-point deduction, which put them in the relegation zone of the league. They managed to successfully reduce that to 6 points and that can help them out a lot already. It was after their appeal, which found that the club was not fairly treated with two clauses and was wrongly implicated as well.

Before the points deduction, the Merseyside club were in 17th place with 21 points. They are now sitting at 15th with 25 points after the 4 points were awarded back to the club. This now puts them 5 points above the relegation zone. With 12 games remaining in the season, they still have a lot of work to do.

Brentford, Nottingham Forest, Luton Town, Burnley, and Sheffield United are the clubs that are lower than Everton in the table. The latter two have only 13 points, while Luton have 20 points. Brentford and Nottingham are at 25 and 24 points and the closest to the Toffees. This makes the relegation battle a lot more interesting, as Everton have been given a slight advantage now in the race for survival.

Does Everton remain in risk of further point deduction?

However, Everton are still not completely safe as the club along with Nottingham Forest are being investigated again. The club is being charged with another set of financial rule breaking and could be given another big points deduction.

This could mean their short-lived victory would mean nothing as they would be again back thrusted lower into the relegation zone. The charges against them are very serious, and the league has shown it will take these matters seriously from now on.

For now, their only hope will be to gain as much points as they can in the upcoming games. Everton would hope for a victory in their next match which is against West Ham on Saturday.

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