WATCH: LeBron James gets jacked up with Browns DE Myles Garrett in latest gym routine

LeBron James at 39 is not only the oldest active player in the NBA, but he also is one of the fittest in the league. Despite his ageing body, King James has kept himself in perfect shape both physically and mentally.

While LeBron chases his 40K milestone, he has been seen devoting more time to his health. With LeBron’s massive payday, which is reportedly going to get even bigger, having a world-class facility available to him is not out of proportion. Along with it, LeBron James recently has equipped himself with a more than capable training partner who is just as much of a fitness freak as the NBA All-Star.

LeBron James pumps iron with Myles Garrett

The training partner in question is none other than the NFL starlet Myles Garrett. He is also the co-owner of LeBron James’ former team the Cleveland Cavaliers and is under the same agency that represents the NBA star.

LeBron James shared pictures and videos on his Instagram feed with Garrett the caption of which read “IRON SHARPENS IRON!! Big Bro & Big Lil Bro getting after it! Giving him the full Blueprint and more! (inserted a few emojis and tagged Garrett) P.S. I know y’all know this already but he’s an ABSOLUTE BEAST!!”

Knowing LeBron James’ inclination towards football and his support for the Cleveland Browns, it is certain that the two had loads to discuss. With ample time left before the new NFL season, we might see the duo sharing more workout sessions.

Reason for LeBron switching allegiance to Browns

LeBron James is one of those athletes who displays considerable interest in multiple sports. His passion for football is known to all and so is his allegiance that shifted from the Dallas Cowboys to Cleveland Browns.

Coming from Akron, Ohio, his support for the Browns is obvious but things have not been the same always. The 4-time NBA Champion was a fan of the Cowboys but his disagreement with the owner’s thought affected his loyalty.

While speaking about it on an Instagram live LeBron James said, “Nah man I had to sit put on the Cowboys man. It just a things that were going on when guys were kneeling… [The] organization were like if do that around here you won’t play for this franchise again.”

The Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones announced that the only players who would be allowed to play were the ones who stood during the national anthem showing respect to the flag. If the players did not stand during the anthem, then their contracts would be put to an end as proposed by the then President Donald Trump.

LeBron James was seen sharing his views and predictions about football matches during the NFL season. In fact, he also announced a partnership with DraftKings.

Nevertheless, since football is not around the corner, the 20-time NBA All-Star’s full concentration is on his own performance averaging 25 points per game and still sitting at the top of the list with the most points.

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