Ex-Chiefs coach Britt Reid’s jail sentence reduced despite his DUI collision put little child in coma

Over the years, we have seen a lot of NFL athletes get involved in legal trouble. There have been many instances where they have used the power and authority at their disposal to wiggle out of tough situations. However, more often than not, we have seen players pay the piper after violating the law.

Same is the case with former Kansas City Chiefs‘ linebacker coach Britt Reid, who was sent to jail for his DUI collision back in 2022 which ultimately resulted in putting a child in coma. While the Chiefs have taken most of the blame on themselves and are taking care of the victim’s family, Reid’s sentence has apparently been reduced.

Britt Reid’s DUI jail sentence commuted

In what will surely turn out to be a conflicting piece of news for most of the Chiefs faithful around the country, Britt Reid’s jail sentence has been commuted by Missouri governor Mike Parson. This comes after Reid’s collision back in 2022 resulted in harming a 5-year-old child was put in coma later on during treatment.

As soon as the news hit social media, Reid was bombarded with a barrage of hateful comments from netizens who are yet to forgive him for the crash that impacted the life of the 5-year-old girl, Ariel Young. One user echoed the sentiment by saying, “Definition of white privilege, he needs to go his time in prison!” while another quipped, “yeah let’s free someone who hurt a child driving drunk because his dad is an NFL coach!”

Chiefs will cover Britt Reid’s crash victim’s lifetime expenses

Britt, son of legendary Chiefs coach Andy Reid will now get to walk out of prison scot-free. While he was spending time behind bars, the Kansas City Chiefs took on the responsibility of providing medical and financial care to the family of Ariel Young, the victim of the DUI incident.

According to CNN, a joint-statement issued by the Chiefs’ administration and the family’s attorneys read, “Over the last several months, representatives of the Kansas City Chiefs, Ariel Young and Ariel’s family have worked together, alongside medical experts, to develop a plan to take care of Ariel — both now, and for the rest of her life.”

It continued, “The Chiefs and Ariel’s attorney, Tom Porto, announce today that the parties have finalized a comprehensive care plan that provides Ariel with world-class medical care and long-term financial stability.”

“Ariel’s recovery is a long road, but she has made great strides and continues to improve every day,” it added. “Earlier this fall, she attended her first day of school.”

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