Jets QB Zach Wilson’s mother Lisa Wilson clear air surrounding controversial ‘affair’ remark

During the NFL season, the community comes across a ton of instances where athletes or their families commit mistakes that are often laughable in nature. These instances are then ridiculed on social media, and the player who is subjected to this online turmoil has to keep mum and let his performance do the talking.

However, in the case of Lisa Wilson, the mother of the New York Jets QB, Zach Wilson, the case is quite the opposite. Having the reputation of shutting down her critics with remarkable ease, Lisa Wilson has proved once again that she is nobody to be messed with on social media.

Lisa Wilson explains controversial affair joke

Recently, Lisa Wilson took to Instagram to share a video of her husband, Mike Wilson, working out in the gym. She attached a funny caption to the video saying, “I’m having an affair with the hot guy from the gym,” with a wink emoji. This video recently garnered a lot of attention, and the majority of the comments were about how hot the two looked even after so long.

However, a few of her followers did not take kindly to the use of the word “affair” by the 50-year-old. “Affairs are nothing to make light of. For real. They’re not funny. They destroy families and children’s lives,” said one comment. Lisa was not about to live this down, and she made sure that the user got the treatment they deserved.

“Um, I don’t think i made fun of it,” Lisa responded to the complaining follower, according to Sports Illustrated. “We weren’t good. We were tired and disconnected. So I thought why do people have affairs. So I did all the same things to try to bring a spark back. Flirting, sexy texts. And it worked. I’m trying to promote finding that fire with your person.”

Lisa also wrote a note over the screenshot: “I’m not for everyone and that’s ok. I’m just a mom and wife trying to help women live their best life. Sharing things that work for me.”

Zach Wilson’s relationship with his mother

While Zach Wilson’s relationship with the New York Jets front office might be fraught due to requesting a trade, his relationship with his mother, Lisa, is very wholesome in nature. The two have been spotted together on a number of occasions, and Lisa has been a constant presence in Zach’s corner during his time with the Jets.

However opinionated his mother might be about certain issues, Zach Wilson has never been the one to shy away from supporting Lisa. He has backed his mother up on numerous occasions, even when she used the word “toxic” to describe the Jets fan base.

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