Ex-Patriots Super Bowl champ teases Tom Brady’s HOF no-show with “cosmetic event” quip

With a career spanning over than two decades, Tom Brady is a living example of the greatest accomplishments in sports. His place in NFL history is already well established, and he will almost certainly be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the future.

The recently retired NFL player made headlines for his off-field maneuvers in addition to his football abilities. Brady has been the subject of rumors surrounding his youthful appearance ever since his time in New England. Now, a former quarterback’s startling incident has been revealed by one of his Patriots colleagues in front of the football community.

Mike Vrabel jokes about Tom Brady’s priorities

Former NFL players Mike Vrabel and Dante Scarneccia were inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Saturday. Hence the NFL world perhaps assumed the seven-time Super Bowl winner would be in attendance beside Vrabel with whom he won multiple Super Bowl. 

Yet, Tom Brady shocked his fans being absent though his former mate took it lightly as perhaps he knew the reason behind it. On Friday, Mike revealed the reason during his appearance with 98.5 The Sports Hub, cracking a joke on the fifteen-time Pro Bowler.

Mike stated that the owner of Birmingham football club congratulated him via text, leaving it certain that something was on his way, stopping him from attending the ceremony. The current head coach of the Tennessee Titans then made light of his old teammate’s cosmetic procedure, saying he was unable to attend the ceremony because he most likely had a cosmetic event scheduled.

Tom Brady

“Tom texted and said congrats, and I’m guessing that means he won’t be able to attend. He probably has some cosmetic event planned and won’t be able to make it on Saturday morning.”

Additionally, the three-time Lombardi Trophy champion could not help but make fun of his old teammate’s softness. During their eight seasons together, the former Patriots player had many enjoyable moments. Both still keep themselves in touch of the NFL world, while harboring the same level of bonding as before.

Brady’s youthful look sparks plastic surgery rumors

Tom Brady’s amazing longevity in the NFL is noteworthy, as the majority of players retire in their 30s. However, the 46-year-old not only continued to be a green thumb on the field due to his age-defying playmaking ability, but he also occasionally garnered media attention for his evergreen appearance that have been ever-glowing over the years.

Tom Brady
FOX News

The incredible beauty, intelligence, and physical attributes of Tom Terrific even rendered his erstwhile teammate Julian Edelman speechless. Because of his youthful skin and seemingly ageless visage, many in the football community are wondering whether there is more to this story.

Despite the fact that Tom Brady’s commitment to nutrition and exercise is well-documented, some fans have conjectured that it may be the result of cosmetic operations. The variations in his facial structure from the beginning of his profession were illustrated by a Plastic Surgery expert with an X profile as per details supplied by Sportskeeda, showcasing the NFL legend’s hairline, nose, and jawline changes with a set of pictures.

Though the retired player recently mocked his U-turn to the NFL field, he is unlikely to resume play. Nevertheless, his constant radiant will not fall short to rob the sleep of many of his fangirls.

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