Expert declares Gabriela Cavallin’s proofs “forged”, with Antony disclosing Ingrid Lana “consensual encounter”

Antony must have been preparing for a tremendous second season with Manchester United when the club gave them a break in the summer. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse for the club and Antony, as the Brazilian has found himself in the midst of several assault allegations, leading him to be temporarily suspended from training with the club.

The former Ajax winger has also been dropped from the Brazilian national team, pending the outcome of the outgoing investigations. The Brazilian has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal and has released a couple of statements in defence of himself.

Antony reveals Ingrid Lana’s WhatsApp texts

United have been dealing with issues of domestic violence and sexual assault in recent months, first with Mason Greenwood, and now with Antony. It’s never an easy thing to go through as the most famous football club in the world, but Antony has come out to issue a statement on the latest allegations against him by Ingrid Lana.

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“I talked to Ingrid on WhatsApp,” Antony said in his new statement on Ingrid Lana. “When she went to Portugal to attend her cousin’s birthday, she asked to come here to Manchester to meet me, with a clear intention of meeting me intimately, including asking me if I preferred red or white lingerie. I bought a ticket and booked a hotel for that. In fact, I met her at the mentioned hotel, and we had an intimate and consensual encounter. Although she insisted that we meet again for another intimate encounter, due to scheduling issues, I was unable to see her again. All of this that I narrate now is undoubtedly proven in the WhatsApp messages, which I just do not publish in full to preserve the right to privacy,” the Brazilian added.

The Manchester United player continued to publish screenshots of some parts of his WhatsApp conversation with Ingrid Lana. The banker has yet to provide any comment on Antony’s statement, but the winger’s latest revelation may prove helpful in clearing him of any wrongdoing.

Expert reveals ex-girlfriend’s evidence as “forged”

Ingrid Lana is not the only person to accuse the footballer of inappropriate behaviour. The news of Gabriela Cavallin first came to light last year, with the Brazilian model accusing Antony of domestic abuse and harassment. The case has blown up this year, and the proper authorities are now investigating the accusations against the footballer.

Cavallin has released WhatsApp chats with the United winger to the public as pieces of evidence, but an expert has now revealed them to be “forged”. In a video circulating on Twitter, the expert revealed what altered the screenshot of the chat and urged the public not to condemn any party involved in the case without solid evidence from all parties.

Will Antony be cleared of all charges? Or is he guilty in your eyes? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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