WATCH: Seahawks’ DK Metcalf explains cheap shot on Rams CB as “blocking”

The Seattle Seahawks had high hopes for a spectacular season as they began the year with a 9-9 record, but they came up short against the Los Angeles Rams in a crushing defeat. DK Metcalf of the Seahawks, however, wildly targeted Rams CB Ahkello Witherspoon throughout the game.

This irritated the whole Rams’ sideline while head coach Sean McVay also appeared yelling at Metcalf. However, the Seahawks receiver later defended himself in a statement following the game and does not deem himself guilty.

DK Metcalf catches Rams CB with a foul play

Late in the fourth quarter, DK Metcalf was spotted throwing Witherspoon to the ground from behind. It was entirely unrelated to the play and the act was caught after the FOX broadcast had shown two views of a replay. Metcalf was seen giving Witherspoon a strong shove to the ground in the footage. The Rams’ cornerback was later evaluated by trainers before making his way to the bench on his own.

It was evidently an uncommon strike from Metcalf, possibly a frustrated shove. But in his post-game press conference, he said it was a typical block from his side.

“Well, I was blocking. I guess I blocked him a little too hard and pushed him to the ground and he got up mad because he felt like I blocked him in the back,” DK Metcalf said.

His misconduct caused a lot of uproar and infuriated the entire Rams team. However, Metcalf refuted any wrongdoing, claiming that his block was tight and that it was just one of his usual tactics for demoralizing the opposing side.

“But I mean, that’s just how I play. I block every play when I don’t have the ball and I’m never taking a play off or jogging, trying to take a play off. So that’s what transpired.”

The NFL is yet to comment on DK Metcalf’s behavior. He could have to wait until their next game to learn the officials’ verdict on his foul hit.

Rams beat Seahawks in NFL game week 1

Despite being favored to defeat the Rams, the Seahawks suffered a 30-13 loss in their season opener. The Seahawks started the game with the ball in their hands, and Geno Smith threw a couple of passes to Tyler Lockett, including one on third down to move the chains. Seattle led 13-7 at halftime but the Rams completely overpowered the Seahawks in the second half.

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However, Kenneth Walker III of the Seahawks made the best effort to seal the victory with his 64 yards on 12 carries. DK Metcalf had three receptions for 47 yards but only five targets before his late-game unacceptable conduct. The Seahawks had an opportunity to tie the game if it hadn’t been for a terrible mistake by Van Jefferson in the third quarter, wherein the Rams were able to simply advance down the field.

On Sunday, September 17 at 10 a.m. PT, the Seahawks travel to Ford Field to face the Detroit Lions. Keep an eye out for the next update till then.

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