Fall Out Boy’s new music video ft. Jimmy Butler’s unique emo look shocks NBA community: “Bro is doing side quests now”

Jimmy Butler, in his 13-year career, has established himself as one of the torch bearers of the NBA. Known for his enigmatic style on and off the court, the 34-year-old is truly one of best in the game.

During the COVID-19 bubble Butler showed how he can improvise in pressing situations when he used the confinement to kickstart his journey in the coffee business. The self-proclaimed “best basketball player” has now once again created a wave with his latest move that has the fans shocked.

Jimmy Butler appears in Fall Out Boy’s new music video

Jimmy Butler had stunned the NBA community with his “emo” look in 2023 during the media day session to create awareness and that has reappeared.

Butler is seen in his quirky look with straightened locks in the music video “So Much (For) Stardust” of the well-known band Fall Out Boy.

The band posted a video where Butler can be seen dancing and lip-syncing to the song in a bright purple stone embroidered outfit while carrying a similar design cowboy hat, as he plays an emo cowboy. The caption terms him “Heat Wentz” as he is documenting the band’s bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz.

The Miami Heat forward had earlier mentioned that he liked country and emo music and he often plays unique songs in the locker room. The 34-year-old said, “I’m kind of like the DJ, so I get to pick and choose what we listen to”, and his teammates confirmed it. Butler also starred in Luke Bryan’s music video “Light It Up” in 2017.

NBA fans react to Jimmy Butler’s unique emo look in Fall Out Boy’s video

Jimmy Butler had expressed before that he has plans to release his music album in the future. With the release of Fall Out Boy’s promotional video starring the NBA forward in a unique emo look, it created stir on social media.

Apparently the 6-time NBA All-Star looked like he was having fun in the video, but the NBA fans are so not happy with it. While some fans came in his support others found humor in it and started commenting on the viral video.

Here are some of the comments from X (formerly Twitter):

A fan supported Butler’s happiness and commented, “he real as hell for this and ppl are mad that he’s happy with his life”

Someone commented, “Only Jimmy could do this.” addressing gutsy side.

While the other fan had a different take on it “corniest nba player”

Someone simply thought the video was “cringe”

Another fan added, “Bro is doing side quests now”

Coming back to his professional life, Jimmy Buckets is averaging 21.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.7 assists. The Heat has secured the fifth position on the Eastern Conference table and won five consecutive games. They will be facing the Denver Nuggets next on Feb. 29.

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