Jorge Masvidal’s warning to Chael Sonnen: Do all the steroids you want. I’m going to break your f*****g eye orbital

Retired UFC fighters still enjoy immense popularity and have a fan base despite not fighting inside the cage or octagon. This is due to their personality which made the fans consider them as one of their own. Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen are two such fighters who have had a storied MMA career, especially in the UFC.

Interestingly, the duo has been feuding on social media since November of 2023 and it seems something could be in the cards in the coming days.

Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen beef—what happened?

Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal’s beef with Chael ‘The American Gangster’ Sonnen is a subsidiary of Masvidal’s beef with Colby Covington, his ex-best friend who also happens to be a student of Sonnen. The UFC took full opportunity of the Masvidal-Covington beef as the duo headlined UFC 272 in a fight where Masvidal was dominated by Covington through 5 rounds.

Even though Covington won via unanimous decision, Masvidal did have a solitary moment in round 4 when he landed a right hook-on Covington but could not capitalize on it. However, Masvidal took matters outside as he sucker punched Covington whilst the latter was on the way to a Steakhouse. Covington filed a lawsuit against Masvidal in response, but Masvidal eventually won the case in court.

Masvidal’s attack on Covington was due to the comments Covington made about his family preluding their fight. After Masvidal won the case, Chael Sonnen criticized Masvidal on social media, mainly due to Sonnen being on the side of his student, Covington.

Sonnen has been caught by anti-doping agencies for multiple violations and Jorge Masvidal was quick to respond about it as a retaliatory measure.

Sonnen continued his barrage of verbal attacks on Masvidal which is expected as Sonnen is among the best trash talkers ever in the UFC along with Conor McGregor. Masvidal was brutally knocked out by Kamaru Usman in the main event of UFC 261 and Sonnen referenced it to troll Masvidal, only for Masvidal to respond as he tweeted, “Keep the same energy when you see me”.

Sonnen provided a hilarious response to Masvidal’s apparent threat as he stated that he won’t be anywhere near homeless shelters or county jails which he insinuated is where Masvidal would be if they ever met.

Jorge Masvidal issues stern warning to Chael Sonnen

Even though the beef between Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen began on November of 2023, it seems to have not subsided, particularly after the comments Masvidal made about Sonnen in his recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour. Interestingly, Helwani is close with Sonnen and even had a beef with him.

“I would just tell him, ’Do all the steroids you want. It don’t matter. I’m still going to break your f eye orbital, bro,” said Masvidal on the MMA Hour about what he would tell Sonnen if they ever meet. The former BMF champion also went on to bash Sonnen for the multiple times that he was caught by anti-doping agencies. He even alleged that Sonnen was caught with multiple banned substances.

Masvidal went on to state that even though he used multiple banned substances, Sonnen only did ‘crotch sniffing’, an offensive term used by Masvidal to call MMA fighters who use wrestling-heavy strategies in a fight.

The Miami native has used a similar label on Sonnen’s student and his rival Colby Covington. Nevertheless, all the fighters in the feud, Covington, Masvidal, and Sonnen all have one thing in common – all fought multiple times for the undisputed title only to lose.

Nonetheless, Sonnen does not have the main focus of Jorge Masvidal who will be making his comeback fight after his initial retirement against former foe, Nate Diaz, in a boxing match in Las Vegas. Moreover, he had also called for a fight with Justin Gaethje, the current BMF champion of the UFC. For context, Gaethje won the BMF title with a knockout victory over Dustin Poirier, Jorge Masvidal’s friend and training partner whom Masvidal bet huge money to win.

Whose side are you on in the Chael Sonnen-Jorge Masvidal beef? Leave your thoughts below!


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