Fans disagree with Ravens HC John Harbaugh’s assessment of brother Jim Harbaugh amid speculated NFL return: “Record says otherwise”

The NFL 2023 season has been remarkable for some fiery battles and debacles of big teams in the playoff race. Besides that, this season has also been marked by the firings of several head coaches. Even long-time HCs Ron Rivera and Bill Belichick couldn’t escape from this harsh reality. Now, Nick Sirianni is possibly on the way to sustaining the misfortune following the Philadelphia Eagles disappointing defeat.

While several teams are looking for their new coach, Michigan Wolverines HC Jim Harbaugh remains a top choice. Amid speculation about his NFL return, his brother and Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh raved about him. However, the NFL community didn’t agree to buy his words.

Ravens HC lavishes praise on Jim Harbaugh

On a recent episode of “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” John Harbaugh spoke highly of his brother Jim. He even declared his brother to be possibly the greatest team builder in football right now.

“He may be the best team builder in football right now. Nobody builds a team better. He knows how to put it together, top to bottom. He knows how to include people. Knows how to make them part of it. He knows how to empower people,” he said.

The praise comes on the heels of Jim Harbaugh’s remarkable achievement as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. He guided the Wolverines to their first national championship in 26 years by sealing the victory with a convincing 34-13 triumph over the Washington Huskies in the 2024 CFP finale. John proudly supported his brother by swapping the Ravens’ purple for Michigan’s blue during the championship game held in Houston.

Jim’s Wolverines completed a perfect 15-0 season. With this victory, his future as the head coach of Michigan remains uncertain, as he has recently been linked to several NFL teams. Coincidentally, John’s Ravens are also positioned as front-runners in their respective leagues. The team secured the top seed in the AFC playoffs with an incredible 13-4 record.

Fans doubt Jim Harbaugh’s NFL return to be successful

Jim Harbaugh’s potential return to the NFL is met with skepticism among fans who doubt the success of his comeback. His last stint in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers concluded in 2014. While he boasted a commendable 44-19-1 record and a Super Bowl appearance in 2012 during his four seasons with the 49ers, his departure raised eyebrows.

The recent interview for the Los Angeles Chargers’ head coaching position has reignited discussions about Harbaugh’s capacity to revive struggling franchises. However, some fans expressed reservations about his NFL coaching prowess.

A netizen wrote, “Record says otherwise in the national football league.”

The skepticism extends to controversies surrounding the Michigan HC, such as his suspension from the final three games of a recent season. He was suspended for rule violations related to scouting future opponents in person. Despite endorsements from legendary figures like Tom Brady, critics on social media link this incident to the doubts surrounding Harbaugh’s NFL return.

A user wrote, “Having coaches that will cheat sure does help to building a winning team!”

A fan wrote, “Well I don’t believe in him.”

Jim Harbaugh’s NFL return is still hanging in the air. Meanwhile, do you also agree with the critics of him?


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