Fans outraged after Raiders reportedly seek Luke Getsy as new OC: “Worst hire in NFL history”

The Las Vegas Raiders enter the 2024 season with promising offensive talent in place, but the trajectory of their success on that side of the ball will hinge on the upcoming hiring decision for offensive coordinator. As speculation mounts, the winds of change appear to be blowing in the direction of Luke Getsy.

Amidst a recent restructuring that saw Antonio Pierce assume the role of head coach and Tom Telesco appointed as general manager, the Las Vegas Raiders find themselves in the midst of swirling speculation regarding their projected choice for OC.

Raiders interested in bringing in Luke Getsy

Kliff Kingsbury’s decision to withdraw from consideration for the Raiders’ offensive coordinator position has paved the way for a potential candidate to step into the spotlight. ESPN reported that Luke Getsy is now expected to fill the void left by Kingsbury’s departure.

The 39-year-old is one of at least five candidates interviewed for the vacant offensive play caller position. If selected as the offensive coordinator, Getsy will inherit a challenging task, given the Raiders’ 27th ranking in total offense and 23rd in scoring offense during the recent season.

The move to the Raiders comes after Getsy’s dismissal from the offensive coordinator position with the Chicago Bears. Despite the Bears finishing 7-10, an improvement from their 3-14 record in 2022, Getsy’s tenure with the Bears came to an end.

Notably, Getsy’s offensive strategy in Chicago demonstrated progress, ranking 17th in offensive points per game (20.4), marking the team’s highest since 2018.

Before his stint with the Bears, Getsy served as the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator in Green Bay. His experience in shaping offensive strategies and working with quarterbacks positions him as a contender well-suited for the challenges that lie ahead with the Raiders.

Fans react to Luke Getsy potentially joining Raiders

As the potential appointment of Luke Getsy remains in the realm of speculation, discontent among NFL fans is palpable. The fanbase’s collective sentiment reflects a desire for a high-profile figure, and Getsy’s rumored candidacy has stirred a wave of skepticism and critique within the NFL community.

The anticipation of a figure akin to Kliff Kingsbury has fueled dissatisfaction among fans, with rumors of Getsy’s hiring being labeled as possibly “the worst hire” in the history of the NFL.

“This legitimately might be the worst hire in NFL history,” one fan wrote in the comment.

To express discontent, a fan compiled the coaching record of the former Bears’ coach as evidence that such a hire could hinder the Raiders from achieving their goals in the upcoming season.

The frustrated fan emphasized this by commenting, “He got fired from the Bears and interviewed with half the league save the highly respected part. He came in 28th in 22 on offense and 20th last year and dead last in passing. What a staff. Please.”

A fan took it to the extreme by referring to Getsy as “highly garbage,” demonstrating a lack of respect for the potential offensive coordinator and questioning the Raiders’ decision-making regarding their vacant position.

Do you think the Raiders’ move with the former Packers’ member will be a justified move?

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