Footage of Dwight Howard harassing Isaiah Canaan in courtside goes viral amid alleged sexual assault scandal

The former NBA star, Dwight Howard, transitioned to the T1 League in 2022, marking the end of his illustrious 18-year NBA career. Howard is an NBA champion with the LA Lakers, boasting eight NBA All-Star selections. His exceptional rebounding skills have made him a pivotal player in every NBA franchise he’s been a part of.

Despite having a beautiful career, Dwight Howard once harassed his former teammate before a live game. While the footage of the incident has resurfaced on social media recently, Howard appears to have an alleged sexual case to battle.

Footage of Howard harassing Isaiah Canaan emerges

Footage of a peculiar incident involving Dwight Howard and his Houston Rockets teammate Isaiah Canaan surfaced, showcasing an unusual and seemingly inappropriate gesture. During a game against the Los Angeles Clippers, while being interviewed by ESPN’s Heather Cox about his fashion sense, Howard concluded the interview and proceeded to sit down next to Isaiah Canaan.

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In what seems surprising, Howard appeared to grab Canaan’s groin during the seating process. The video clip of this incident quickly gained attention and raised questions about Howard’s behavior and maturity.

The incident, which occurred in February 2015, left many in perplexity, with eyewitnesses speculating on the motivation behind such an act. The footage resurfaced in 2023, reigniting discussions and reactions on social media platforms, with many expressing surprise and confusion over Dwight Howard’s actions during a live game.

Latest development in Dwight Howard’s alleged assault case

In the ongoing legal battle surrounding Dwight Howard who played most of his career in the NBA, a recent development reveals contrasting accounts of the alleged assault. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Howard has acknowledged engaging in “consensual” sexual activity with the plaintiff, Stephen Harper, and a third party known as Kitty, who was dressed as a woman. However, Howard vehemently denied sexually assaulting Harper or forcing him into non-consensual acts.

Dwight Howard
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In his response to the lawsuit, Howard’s lawyer stated, “The three agreed to touch one another and to engage in consensual sexual activity,” emphasizing the consensual nature of the encounter. Harper’s version of events, as outlined in his 2021 lawsuit, sharply contrasts with Howard’s claims. Harper alleged that he initially met Howard through Instagram and engaged in explicit text exchanges before the encounter at Howard’s Georgia home.

Harper accused Howard of sexual assault, battery, emotional distress, and false imprisonment, painting a disturbing picture of the incident. The legal battle continues, with Howard seeking to have the entire lawsuit dismissed while Harper pursues his claims in court. However, the court will give its verdict once it is done with the investigations.

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