Former Super Bowl winner told to “get a hobby” for defending Brock Purdy after Cam Newton comments

Before taking the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, Brock Purdy was sort of flying under the radar of the top QB talents in the country. However, all of that has now changed, and the 24-year-old is now being hailed as someone of the same ilk as the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

When a player is able to take a franchise to the Super Bowl in just their second season, they are sure to have the backing of some of the legends of the game. And that includes former Super Bowl winner Warren Sapp, who caught a lot of attention for defending the 49ers’ QB on a podcast.

Former Super Bowl champ blasted for defending Brock Purdy

In a recent podcast, Warren Sapp explained that Cam Newton’s opinions about Brock Purdy are actually baseless and carry no merit. In doing so, the 51-year-old went on a rampage and took down Cam Newton by addressing him directly.

“Cam is just being an ass. I don’t know why but he is. Brock Purdy did a milk check at the end of that game. Did you see it when he took off for a first down? Good ol milk check… I don’t know why Cam is so angry… If you wasn’t THAT guy, let’s not get on these podcasts talking like you was THAT guy… Cam, you were a glorified running back, son,” said Sapp.

However, he was quickly shut down by Arian Foster, who went on a derogatory rant of his own to defend Cam Newton. He said, “I live rent free in the n**ga head. for no reason. Sapp a clown.” Foster continued, “Warren Sapp spend his days talking about former and current players all day. It’s over dawg, get a hobby, find something you love, you bozo.”

Joe Montana addresses criticism directed at Brock Purdy

Elsewhere, on the Pat McAfee Show, NFL legend and four-time Super Bowl winner Joe Montana clarified his comments on Brock Purdy. He said, “He hasn’t had a chance to work with other receivers, and that’s not a negative on him, it’s just that people haven’t seen him do that yet.”

He continued, “There was a reason that the 49ers selected Brock Purdy and he’s got some studs out there to get the ball to.. There’s nothing wrong with that and everybody has had those in their lifetime.”

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