From snoring to digesting fast foods, Cristiano Ronaldo leaves no stone unturned in revealing lie detector test in never seen before endorsement ploy

Many people globally adore Cristiano Ronaldo, not just for his soccer skills but also for his exploits off the pitch. The Portuguese soccer star is a global superstar, with the most followers on Instagram, which ranks him amongst the most famous individuals worldwide.

Ronaldo has put his fame to good use, always seeking to promote his brand while also using his popularity to promote other brands he’s affiliated with. One of Ronaldo’s sponsors is Binance, the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform, and they recently put Ronaldo on a lie detector test to give his fans an insight into the athlete’s character.

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his snoring problem, fast food mania

Ronaldo launched his first NFT collection on Binance in November 2022, kickstarting another positive business relationship with the world’s largest crypto exchange platform by trading volume. He has since been seen posting on social media about Binance and NFTs. Recently, Binance put Ronaldo on a lie detector test, asking him some interesting questions, and the Saudi Pro League star allegedly spoke the truth.

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“Do you ever eat fast food?” the test moderator asked Ronaldo. “So many times,” the five-time Ballon d’Or winner answered. The lie detector showed he was telling the truth. “Do you snore,” the moderator asked in another round of questions. “Probably, no, but sometimes, maybe yes,” Ronaldo answered. Ronaldo answered ‘no’ when pressed to give a precise answer, but the lie detector indicated he was lying.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has never shied away from endorsing brands that align with his personal interests. The former Manchester United star has a long-standing business relationship with Nike that started in 2003 when he joined Manchester United. After Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Ronaldo is the only third athlete to have a lifetime deal with the American sports brand.

CR7’s NFT endorsement

Ronaldo’s interest in the digital currency world has grown in the past few years, with the ex-Juventus forward using Binance as the platform to grow his digital assets. As per Binance, Ronaldo’s NFTs launched in November 2022 and sold at an auction within 24 hours at an average price of $22,800 for the SSR (Super Super Rare) collection.

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Binance will release more digital collectibles of the Portuguese star very soon, as stated on their website. They will include more epic stories from Ronaldo’s legacy, and fans will be able to get their hands on these exclusive digital assets.

One of the most marketable athletes among active players, what will be CR7’s next commercial move? Share your take in the comments.


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