Gallaudet University partners with $103.30 billion telecom giant in game-changing endeavor

Physical problems frequently have arisen as a struggle for many football-obsessed young stars who grew up idolizing renowned players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, etc. and now find playing the game to be a pain. Hence, the Gallaudet University squad frequently faced obstacles from teams with athletes who could hear. As a result, they frequently experience difficulties with a real-time communication network between players, coaches, and team members.

The Gallaudet University football team, however, has unveiled a game-changing technology for assuring flawless communication for players who are deaf or hard of hearing during gameplay after nearly two years of collaboration with a telecommunications giant.

Gallaudet University football team recipient of game-changing tech

Gallaudet University has teamed up with the $103.30 billion telecom giant AT&T to develop a football helmet for deaf players. Deaf players frequently struggle to comprehend spoken cues and gestures.

Therefore, the joint initiative intends to create a football helmet with cutting-edge technology customized to the special requirements of deaf players. Gallaudet University head coach Chuck Goldstein uttered the significance of this revolutionary helmet.

Gallaudet University

“We work out the same way as every other college football program, we practice the same way, we compete the same way. The difference between coaching a hearing team compared to a Deaf team is first the communication.”

However, this helmet is exclusively intended for players who use American Sign Language to communicate.

How does AT&T 5G Helmet work? Explained

The unique feature of this brand-new deaf-friendly helmet is that it has features of cutting-edge communication features like vibration alerts and visual displays. It enables coaches to call plays on tablets from the sidelines, and those calls are then visibly shown on a small screen within the quarterback’s helmet. With the help of its 5G network, it enables players to receive signals and directives more successfully.

Corey Anthony, AT&T senior vice president of networking engineering and operations, revealed that their focus behind the project was to find a solution for seamless interaction among the players and coaches. It will provide crucial information to players in a non-disruptive and effective manner.

Gallaudet University

“We came up with ideas on how to make this helmet more effective (and) we’d interact with (players and coaches). They would give us feedback. We’d go back, make changes, work on it. It’s just a beautiful relationship that we have with that university.”

On Saturday, at Gallaudet University’s home game versus Hilbert College, quarterback Brandon Washington will make the helmet’s premiere.

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