NFL icon Tom Brady discloses his son aspires to be like legendary TE Rob Gronkowski

Being the only quarterback to prevail in the Super Bowl in three distinct decades, Tom Brady carried his athletic prowess through to the very end of his playing career. It enabled him to establish himself as the football icon for new players who want to make a name for themselves at the national level.

Although the recently retired footballer was able to inspire many aspiring football players, it appears that his own kid was not one of them. Brady recently disclosed that his son Jack Benjamin, whom he has with actor Bridget Moynahan, idolizes Tom Terrific’s closest pal.

Tom Brady talks about which player his son idolizes

After a tremendous 23-year journey, Tom Brady retired from football “for good” this season, yet football fans are still speculating to see him play again due to the seven-time Super Bowl winner’s stunning career. 

On a new episode of the SiriusXM podcast, Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray, the 46-year-old blew out all the speculation of his comeback on the field. This is his first season without playing, hence the fifteen-time Pro Bowler is passing his time practicing his elder son Benjamin. 

Benny had little interest in football, but the loss of his father’s football career seems to have inspired him to dream of a career in the sport, as the young youngster lately exhibited an interest in playing football. However, Brady asserted that Jack had adopted his father’s former teammate Rob Gronkowski as his sports hero.

“(Benjamin) told me this year, ‘Dad, I’m playing football.’ And I was like, ‘What do you wanna play?’ And he was like, ‘Tight end. I wanna be like Gronk!’”

The three-time NFL MVP has long shared his love of football with Jack, so when Tom learned the good news, he immediately texted Gronkowski to let him know.

“I actually texted Gronk and I’m like, ‘Yo, my boy wants to be like you!’ And he loved it. He’s like ‘That’s so great.'”

Jack was already gifted in several areas, including music and art, but for Tom Brady, the most interesting development was perhaps his passion for football.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski’s friendship

With a friendship spanning more than ten years, Brady and Gronk formed the most remarkable and successful friendship. For Gronkowski’s entire 11-year NFL career, Tb12 served as his quarterback, allowing the pair to develop a psychic bond that has continued off the field.

Tom Brady

Being the ideal on-field partners, the pair appeared to make time for one another constantly. Throughout his NFL journey, Brady treated Gronk as his best friend, best mate, and brother. Sometimes he never minded acting as the father of the retired tight end to guide him to choose the right path. 

“Nobody loves Gronk more than me other than probably his mom and dad and brothers, he’s like family to me, he’s kind of like one of my kids actually,” Brady said.

However, if Benjamin really ends up perfectly idolizing Gronkowski, then it is to be said the bonding of Tom-Rob will find a new dimension. Are you excited to see the duo again in the field as mentors for Benjamin?

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