Gnarly Tua Tagovailoa gash leaves NFL fans concerned about his arm tattoos: “messed up his tattoo man”

Alongside the record-setting wide receiver Tyreek Hill in the squad, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been leading his squad to a potential playoff run this season. Following their recent defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, the quarterback and wide receiver have gone through a short-term jab from the NFL community they have buckled up themselves following the blow.

With their latest win against the New York Jets, the Dolphins have now once again stretched their winning streak. However, the team’s fans still seemed restless, witnessing an intense gash from their favorite signal-caller ahead of the next match.

Tua Tagovailoa gets nasty gash in Dolphins vs Jets game

The Dolphins soared to a whopping 34-13 victory over the Jets, yet the triumph was shadowed by a significant injury to one of their key players. Linebacker Jaelan Phillips faced a potentially season-ending leg injury, while Tua Tagovailoa sustained a deep cut on his right arm during the intense clash at the MetLife Stadium.

Though the signal-caller didn’t face any setbacks due to the cut, it was actually scary as a giant chunk of flesh was missing from his arm. Addressing the injury post-game, the veteran revealed his obliviousness to the cut until he reached the sidelines. He attributed his delayed realization to the adrenaline rush he experienced during the match.

“I didn’t notice it happen until I came to the sideline..That’s probably due to adrenaline. But, getting to the sideline and one of the guys came up to me and said, ‘Dude, you’ve got a big gash on your arm”, he said via NBC Sports.

However, the dual-threat continued the contest after getting the wound cleaned up, and he says nicks and bruises are a common scenario in the sports world.

“So we got Kyle [Johnston] to try to get it cleaned up and then patch it up so we could go back in . . . . But, it’s what comes with the game. Everyone comes out of the game with nicks and bruises.”

In the match where the Dolphins’ defense did an incredible job, tallying an impressive seven sacks and two interceptions. Meanwhile, on the offensive front, Tagovailoa’s exceptional skills were on full display, earning him well-deserved commendation. He completed an impressive 70% of his passes, despite facing two interceptions along the way. However, he managed to salvage his performance with a well-executed touchdown throw.

NFL Twitter reacts to Dolphins QB’s wound

Tua’s cut wasn’t a mere nick, instead, it was a big non-bleeding chunk of flesh missing from his arm. Though the franchise put a large bandage on it, Dolphins fans could not rest assured seeing their QB go through the blow on the field.

A user wrote, “That is not real.”

However, some fans have sparked discussion about his tattoo as well. Many said his tattoo just got ruined due to the cut.

A person wrote, “Messed up his tattoo man.”

The Dolphins just dismantled the Jets by limiting them to a mere 159 yards on the offensive line. Some netizens hilariously draw on Gang Green’s reference to discuss the QB’s blow.

A fan wrote,” Did a #jet bite him?”

Tua Tagovailoa’s squad will face off against the Washington Commanders in their upcoming match. Who do you think will secure a win in the contest?


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