“He’s a man of God”: Dak Prescott receives high praise from Denzel Washington despite Tom Brady’s Cowboys skepticism

The Dallas Cowboys team appeared to be out of rhythm after a destructive preseason, but they have since shown everyone wrong with a string of convincing wins. Still, nothing is certain in the NFL, and even a team with as much history as the Cowboys has to overcome many challenges in order to claim the prestigious championship.

Although Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott is viewed by Denzel Washington as an obvious hero for leading the team to a Super Bowl, NFL icon Tom Brady is dubious about the team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl this season.

Denzel Washington champions Prescott’s leadership in Cowboys

In a recent episode of the Let’s Go! podcast, Brady welcomed Washington to share his insights on the Super Bowl prospects of the Dallas team, all the while expressing his deep admiration for the talented quarterback, Dak Prescott. The renowned actor hailed Prescott as a visionary figure, a person of unwavering conviction, and the epitome of championship-winning potential.

“I love the quarterback. I love him. He’s a leader of men. He’s a man of God. He best win championships,” Washington remarked.

Nevertheless, Washington offered a candid prediction, stating that he believed the Los Angeles Lakers, led by the aging LeBron James, would secure a championship before the Cowboys when asked to choose between the Lakers and the Cowboys in the championship race.

The Cowboys, now 8-3 after the Thanksgiving victory, are on a three-game winning streak, and the hopes of their fans are high for a deep playoff run.

Brady expresses doubts about Cowboys Super Bowl chances

The Dallas team celebrated a resounding 45-10 victory over the Washington Commanders in Week 12, showcasing their prowess on the field. However, the path to the Super Bowl remains a challenging one for a team eager to clinch the title for the first time since 1996.

Recent years have seen the team make strides, securing playoff berths in the past two seasons and advancing to the second round in the previous year. Despite this progress, skepticism persists, particularly about the Cowboys’ ability to lead themselves to a championship.

Even after a disastrous preseason, the Cowboys initiated organizing a mental workshop to imbue confidence among their players and raise their hopes for the Super Bowl.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner, Tom Brady, weighed in on the situation during a conversation on the Let’s Go! podcast. In the discussion, Brady mentioned the Cowboys as a team perennially on the verge of greatness yet seemingly unable to secure the coveted Super Bowl victory. 

“They always feel like they’re right on the brink, and, then, it just doesn’t quite get them to the top, top,” said Brady, per SI.com.

This observation by Brady highlighted the challenge of the Cowboys navigating the fine line between being a competitive team and reaching the Super Bowl in the highly competitive landscape of the NFL.

Prior to that, Tom Terrific mentioned the NFL as being “mediocre” day by day, while his pal Rob Gronkowski and the Jet’s superstar Aaron Rodgers also voiced their frustration, showing their solidarity with Tom Brady.

What’s your take on Brady’s take on the NFL and the Cowboys’ Super Bowl prediction?

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