Jets player gets ejected for striking the referee in the face, leaving him bloodied in Dolphins game

The New York Jets started the 2023 NFL season with a win over the Buffalo Bills, only to witness a prolonged losing streak amid Aaron Rodgers’ injury saga. The team has found its track in the midway and even defeated big teams like the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL community thought the Jets were going to continue their winning streak to put an end to their long-lasting Super Bowl drought. However, they have once again got embroiled in a losing streak, and a 13-34 loss against the Miami Dolphins has been another blow for them in Week 12. Aside from the blowout loss, one Jets player hit the headlines for being kicked out of the contest due to on-field action.

Jets player gets ejected after hitting the ref in the face

The Jets vs Dolphins game turned sour as frustration and intensity peaked, resulting in unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and ejections. The clash escalated after an extra point gave Tua Tagovailoa’s squad a commanding 27-6 lead, causing pushing and shoving between the rival teams.

Referee Carl Paganelli attempted to intervene, only to be inadvertently struck in the face by Jets defensive lineman Michael Clemons during the chaos. The sudden hit caused Paganelli to spit blood. Though Gang Green’s star was seemingly apologetic post-incident, he faced the consequences of the shove, via The Spun.

Despite the blow appearing unintentional, the severity of the situation couldn’t be overlooked. The defensive star was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected from the game. The NFL could potentially review the incident, and a possible suspension might be waiting for him.

The tension didn’t subside with Clemons’ ejection. Gang Green’s C.J. Mosely received a penalty as well after engaging with a Dolphins player. Meanwhile, Dolphins’ tackle Austin Jackson, involved in the heart of the altercation, was also ejected once the situation eventually got pacified.

Jets struggle continue after loss to Dolphins

The Jets find themselves in a precarious position following a string of defeats. Their recent loss against the Dolphins amplified concerns within the team, as the aftermath of this blowout defeat has shed light on multiple issues plaguing the Jets this season.

After witnessing the blowout loss against the Dolphins, the Jets team has once again started to slip in the division. Among the array of problems haunting the team are the neglect of building a robust offensive line, the acquisition of a quarterback whose prime seems distant, and persisting with struggling backup and third-string quarterbacks, all of which have worsened their on-field woes.

Meanwhile, a text from a source within the Jets organization revealed the inside scenario of the team. The source revealed a fractured locker room atmosphere characterized by despondency and a noticeable absence of hope.

“The locker room seems broken. Heads down. Silence. The hope they once had seems lost.”

The Jets’ performance against the Dolphins showcased a poor offensive display, with six out of seven possessions culminating in punts. To add an insult to the injury, a 99-yard interception return for a touchdown further compounded their woes following the end of the first half.

Coach Robert Saleh has been severely criticized earlier for defending quarterback Zach Wilson. However, he didn’t repeat the mistake in the last campaign and made a bold move by benching Wilson in favor of Tim Boyle to revitalize the offense, keeping Trevor Siemian as a backup. Nevertheless, the result has been even more disastrous.

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