Hours after reaching 39k points, LeBron James sets sight on astonishing record: “lets go to work”

A rare talent in the world of basketball, LeBron James is poised to be unprecedented in terms of his iconic career. LeBron James has placed himself in a strategic position where breaking records wouldn’t be anything to him as long as he stays fit and healthy.

LeBron James who recently set a new record of 39k points for any NBA player, both active and retired veterans, has taken his focus already off the record. He has revealed what’s next for him after claiming such a record.

LeBron eyes Oscar Schmidt’s record haul

Recently, LeBron James netted 37 points in a game against the Houston Rockets on November 19, marking him as the first NBA player to breach the 39,000-point mark. LeBron James has set his sights on becoming the highest scorer in basketball history, a title currently held by Brazilian legend Oscar Schmidt with 49,737 points.

He shared his determination on Instagram, posting a story about the next phase of his quest with the caption “#letsgotowork – #doitagain”.

LeBron James sets sight on astonishing record after hours of  scoring 39000 points
LeBron James Via Getty

Over the course of his remarkable 20-year career, LeBron has accumulated 47,734 points, encompassing all formats. This season witnessed him surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s NBA scoring record, a truly phenomenal accomplishment that further cements a legacy spanning two decades. This achievement not only solidifies his place in history but also propels LeBron toward yet another milestone – the opportunity to surpass Oscar Schmidt’s long-standing record.

LeBron James sets sight on astonishing record after hours of  scoring 39000 points
LeBron James Via Getty

To achieve this colossal feat, LeBron must maintain an average of 26.72 points per game across a minimum of 75 games. This presents a significant challenge considering LeBron’s recent struggles with injuries, limiting his appearances to no more than 67 games in any of the last five seasons. Nevertheless, factoring in the playoffs, the record remains within LeBron’s grasp, potentially achievable as early as this season or perhaps the next.

LeBron James career awards

Throughout his 20-year career, LeBron James has consistently defied any notion of slowing down. Examining his recent seasons, it appears as though he has just reached the pinnacle of his performance. As the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, LeBron embarked on a journey that led him to become a four-time MVP and a perennial All-Star, holding the second position in both All-Star selections and games played.

LeBron James sets sight on astonishing record after hours of  scoring 39000 points
LeBron James Via Getty

In his 21-year NBA career, LeBron has entered a phase where he appears to be setting records nearly every time he steps onto the court. However, let’s delve into the awards he has amassed over the course of his extraordinary career. 

LeBron James basketball career awards         

NBA champion4x
Finals MVP4x
All NBA First Team13x
All Star Game MVP3x
All-NBA Second Team3x
All-NBA Third Team3x
NBA All-Defensive First Team5x
NBA All-Defensive Second Team1x
Rookie of the Year1x
Scoring Champion1x
Assist Leader1x
Olympic Medals2 Gold, 1 Bronze
FIBA World Cup1 Bronze
FIBA Americas Championship1 Gold

His numerous awards show what his undiluted and enduring talent has achieved only in his career that spans over 20 years in the NBA, and also makes a case for who will become the greatest of all time between himself and Michael Jordan. However, LeBron James might have another opportunity to receive more awards for himself when the current season ends.

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