How much did the NFL fine Eagles DE Josh Sweat for tackle on Jets QB Zach Wilson? Examining the true cause

The high-flying Eagles had to land on the ground following an upset win of the New York Jets over them in Week 6, snatching their “undefeated” title. The night was frustrating for the teams on both sides of the ball; hence their player Josh Sweat could not resist himself and initiated to play with physical force.

As his physical force carried a hit for the Jets struggling starter Zach Wilson, the NFL also did not let the Eagles’ player walk away while gifting a hit in his bank account.

How much was Josh Sweat fined?

Since entering the league under the wings of the Eagles through the 2018 NFL draft, Josh Sweat has been a vital weapon for the team. With his falcon-like arms and athletic prowess, the Eagles obviously stepped on the field to face the Jets harboring only the intention of adding another win in their scoreboard.

Yet, the Eagles failed and accepted a 20-14 defeat to the struggling Jet’s team. Their defensive lineman, quite like the Eagles, lost his composure during the game and was fined $16,391 for being violent and unsportsmanlike with Wilson less than a week after it ended.

The Jets’ 12-0 losing streak against the Eagles was also snapped due to the Eagles’ defeat that evening. As a result, after the victory night, Jets coach Robert Saleh was filled with immense relief and stopped worrying about the Eagles’ players’ violent play.

What happened between Josh Sweat and Zach Wilson?

In Week 6 the Philly had plenty of opportunities to win and hold their “undefeated” title. Though they ended the first quarter with a seven-point lead, they lost their competitiveness following the quarter soon and gave the Jets every opportunity to stay in the game.

The Eagles’ defensive line was seen making a lot of effort to provide fierce combat in the game as the Jets continued to frustrate them in the second quarter. Nevertheless, he might have thought of DK Metcalf, a Seahawks player well-known for his tough play on the field, as nearly all of his attempts were flopping.

Josh Sweat then promptly exercised a low hit on Zach Wilson, fortunately it did not leave the Jet’s player injured. It was more fortunate for the Eagles’ player and the team as in spite of his unnecessary roughness, he was not flagged during the game. As mentioned above, the Eagles experienced plenty of opportunities during the night.

Even though the Jets ended the evening with a convincing win, it was evident that injustice had again befallen the New York squad. The squad first noticed it in Week 2 against the Dallas Cowboys, then in Week 4 against the Kansas City Chiefs and Week 6 saw it happen once more.

Furthermore, according to Fansided, the Jets have not received a roughing the passer penalty since 2021.

What do you think about the NFL treating other teams unfairly over the Jets?

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