Chiefs’ star skeptical about Zach Wilson’s potential against their defense ahead of Jets clash

Following a Super Bowl-winning season, Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs appear determined to continue their Super Bowl-winning legacy. After three games this season, the team has already secured the fourth position in the NFL power rankings, boasting a dependable roster of players on both offense and defense.

In Week 4, the defending Super Bowl champions will face off against the Zach Wilson-led New York Jets. Before the matchup, Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay had some bold words about the skills of the Jets’ only hope for their starting position.

Chiefs’ Willie Gay questions Zach Wilson’s skills

Following Aaron Rodger’s season-ending injury, the Jets had no choice but to hand Zach Wilson the starting job, despite his inexperience in the position. While he narrowly secured a win in the Jets’ season opener, he struggled to showcase his athletic ability in their last two games, resulting in losses and a 1-2 record.

Robert Saleh, the head coach of the Jets, made a significant error in judgment by giving Wilson such a prominent role. Now, the Chiefs linebacker has joined the discussion about Zach Wilson as he was questioned by Kansas City media about the Jets’ offensive performance led by Wilson, as seen on tape.

Willie expressed doubt about Wilson’s passing skills with an unflattering smile, highlighting the struggles of the Jets’ starting quarterback throughout a dismal season, and commenting, “That was a tough question. I can’t lie. A team that wants to run the ball.”

The Chief’s linebacker is not the first one to raise eyebrows at Wilson. Even recently former Jet and Hall of Famer quarterback Joe Namath labeled Zach as the inappropriate one for such a big position. 

Jets will face Chiefs in week 4

At MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the 2-1 Chiefs are expected to have a relatively easy time against the Jets and are undoubtedly looking to improve their record to 3-1. The KC team’s offense is already strong with their superstar quarterback Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce. In contrast, the Jets’ offense is in a vulnerable position as they appear determined to keep Wilson as their starter to face the Chiefs’ defense, led by All-Pro player Chris Jones.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Jets currently have the NFL’s bottom-ranked offensive and the worst-scoring offense in the league, largely due to Zach, Saleh’s hope. The starter has only completed 467 passes for 467 yards, two touchdowns, four interceptions, and eight sacks thus far this year.

It seems that the match will be one-sided in favor of the Chiefs, as the stats indicate that the Jets may not have the power to compete with the Kansas City team. However, if Rodgers is able to play, the contest could be remarkable because the NFL has yet to see Mahomes and Rodgers face off on the field.


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