How much money has Luka Doncic made in the NBA? Exploring his Mavs’ salary, contract & more

Luka Doncic has been tipped to be the face of the NBA in the coming days. With LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry getting closer to their retirement age, players like Giannis and Jokic have made bold statements in the league through their dominant play and achievements. Doncic appears to be one of the fastest players to rise to that stardom in the league at just 24.

The Slovenian has made a fortune in just five seasons of his NBA career and his net worth stance above his years as a professional. Luca Doncic’s dazzling performances on the court has prepped him to amass an impressive fortune for himself that is only on the climb.

How much money has Luka Doncic made in the NBA?

Luka Doncic has made a substantial fortune during his NBA career. As of the 2022-2023 season, his estimated career earnings in the NBA amount to approximately $69,084,041. This figure includes his rookie contract and subsequent contracts with the Dallas Mavericks. Notably, he secured a lucrative five-year, $215.16 million Designated Rookie contract extension with the Mavericks in August 2021, which significantly contributed to his overall earnings.

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Additionally, Luka Doncic has earned significant bonuses and awards, such as Rookie of the Year and multiple All-NBA selections, further boosting his income. Looking ahead, Doncic is on track to potentially make history by earning up to $70 million in a single season through a supermax extension, contingent on his performance and All-NBA honors in the 2023-24 season.

What is Luka Doncic’ NBA contract with Mavs?

Luka Doncic’s current NBA contract with the Dallas Mavericks is a 5-year deal worth a staggering $215,159,700. This contract was signed as a Designated Rookie Extension/Bird, ensuring it to be fully guaranteed. Doncic’s annual average salary under this contract amounts to $43,031,940. For the 2023-24 season, Doncic’s base salary will be $40,064,220, with a corresponding cap hit.

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The contract includes an additional three years, with escalating salaries, taking him through the 2026-27 season. Notably, there is also a 15% trade kicker clause in the contract, providing further financial security for Doncic. This substantial contract reflects Doncic’s status as one of the league’s brightest young stars.

What is Luka Doncic’ Net Worth in 2023?

Luka Doncic’s net worth is said to be around $25 million as of 2023. The 5-year NBA contract of $207 million maximum extension he signed following the 2020–21 season gives him an average yearly salary of $43,031,940 and that is where the majority of his money comes from. Doncic’s rising stardom and global appeal have also attracted numerous endorsement deals, contributing significantly to his net worth. Notably, he has partnered with Air Jordan, Panini, and NBA2K, with endorsement earnings estimated to range between $6-10 million. 

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Despite being in a relatively early stage in his NBA career, Doncic has already started investing in various fields including in sports nutrition drink BioSteel. Moreover, he enjoys a lavish lifestyle, residing in a $2.7 million mansion in Dallas and amassing a collection of luxury cars, including Lamborghinis and Porsches. He started a charity organization called the Luka Doncic Foundation to help kids play and be healthy. So, Luka is not just a great basketball player; he’s also a rich and generous personality.

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