“How to cheat your way to the top”: NFL fans light up social media with hilarious jokes on Bill Belichick’s book writing plan

Over the years, the NFL has seen quite a lot of superstars take to the pitch and dazzle the spectators with scintillating displays of skill and poise. When thinking of the most sought-after athletes, the likes of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes come to mind. But when it comes to the discussion of the best NFL coaches, Bill Belichick is the only person who counts.

Now that the veteran coach is out of a job after mutually parting ways with the New England Patriots, Belichick is planning to document his experience of the better part of two decades in his own book.

Bill Belichick considering writing a book

While the future for six-time Super Bowl winner Bill Belichick looks unsure in the NFL, the veteran has now decided to pen down his entire experience in a tell-all book that is surely going to be a hot commodity for any NFL fan. Having coached arguably the greatest team of the past two decades, there is no doubt about the fact that his wisdom will be a great learning curve for some of the younger students of the game.

According to NBC Sports, the former Patriots coach will reveal the hard truths about some of the most followed and inspiring athletes that he came across in his coaching career. While the prospect of Bill Belichick writing a book is surely one of the more exciting pieces of news in the offseason, let’s find out more about the opinions of the NFL community.

NFL community makes hilarious joke on Bill Belichick’s book writing plan

From the looks of it, the NFL community on X saw the lighter side of things as soon as the news of Bill Belichick writing a book hit social media. Some users even tried to speculate the title of his book with a hilarious take on the rumors associated with the 71-year-old during his time with the Pats.

Some other netizens were of the opinion that the book could also reveal some dirty secrets of the league itself. One user commented, “Not coaching and writing a book? Gird your loins NFL. The secrets are coming.” while another user quipped, “Bro watched the documentary and said that’s enough I’ll spew some more FIRE ..”

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