“I am so f—king tired”: Dana White walks out of comedian Howie Mandel’s podcast interview

Combat sports promoters have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. They must show up for numerous business meetings, interviews, and podcasts, among others, as well as for the behind-closed-doors meetings that are necessary to make the fights happen. This is on top of the agreements that need to be made about taxes and other different issues with the government and statutory entities.

Recently, one of the most famous promoters in the fight business abruptly left a podcast of a popular comedian, much to the surprise of the hosts of the podcast. See what transpired in the podcast below.

Dana White Exhausted with Podcast Interviews

Dana White, the UFC CEO, made a dramatic exit from Howie Mandel’s podcast, Howie Mandel Does Stuff. After Mandel introduced White with a shower of praise, the UFC CEO respectfully left the podcast. “Thank you for all the kind words, I appreciate it, I am so f—king tired of doing podcasts. I’m literally done with them. I’m not doing any more podcasts,” White said just before he stood up and left the podcast.

White’s abrupt departure from the podcast has sparked a wide variety of speculations on all the social media platforms. White routinely engages with the media and has made a reputation for being open and also for having a direct approach to communication. As the UFC CEO, White has been involved with the new generation of social media influencers and streamers in addition to superstars from other sports.

White was a recent guest on the Full Send podcast, which saw the return of former member Bob Menery after Menery and Kyle Forgeard settled their financial disputes. White was a vocal critique of Menery in the podcast, as he even bashed the influencer for his claims of being owed millions of dollars. The podcast came immediately after Power Salp 6 which saw big names like Tom Brady in attendance.

Speculation Surrounding White’s Abrupt Exit

UFC CEO Dana White’s abrupt departure from Howie Mandel’s podcast did not go unnoticed on social media by MMA fans. They are pondering why White made such a decision, particularly because he has never done something like this ever before in his entire career as an MMA promoter.

Fans are extremely concerned, mainly due to the coveted UFC 298 PPV being just days away. With Alexander Volkanovski looking to defend the title against the undefeated Ilia Topuria, Dana White’s promotional inputs are super necessary to make a blockbuster event in what is the first domestic UFC PPV.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has said on numerous occasions that Dana White is an extremely busy man and is always involved without any rest. If White’s decision to leave the podcast was not staged, burnout might be a reason. Nonetheless, the UFC without Dana White is unimaginable.

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