“I had nothing but free time”: Stephen Curry’s reaction to congratulatory message for winning NBA Clutch Player of the Year goes viral

Stephen Curry has been acknowledged for his outstanding skills in snatching the win for the Golden State Warriors in the final minutes of games this season. The guard had an amusing response after winning the NBA Clutch Player of the Year title.

Following the announcement of his new accolade, Curry appeared on the “NBA on TNT.” When host Ernie Johnson congratulated the 4-time NBA champion, he said, “I appreciate it. I had nothing but free time. Glad I could join y’all.”

Steph meant it as a joke as his team exited the post-game tournament early in the play-in round.

The 36-year-old recorded the maximum number of shots from behind the 3-point arc (32), totaling 189 points in the clutch moments. He has often shown his heroics in the last seconds of the game, which makes him the backbone of the Warriors even in his 15th career season.

While playing against OKC last year in November, Curry hit a bucket with 0.2 seconds remaining in the game and secured a 141-139 victory for the Warriors. Even against Phoenix in February, when the score was 112-110 in favor of the Suns, Curry brought out his weapon, a shot from downtown when the clock showed 0.7 seconds left to bag the win. He stepped up for his team on many instances like these.

Although his time in the NBA is on pause for now as the qualified teams are battling in the playoffs, Curry is busy achieving his other goals with former soccer star Gareth Bale.

Stephen Curry gets Gareth Bale company

Stephen Curry and Gareth Bale joined hands to develop the sport that both of them are passionate about, golf. The two took separate sports to accomplish their career goals but have been inclined towards golf.

To take a step further, the former Tottenham Hotspur winger became the ambassador of the European Tour of Curry’s organization as per SportsKeeda.

Curry established the organization, “Underrated Golf” to make golf accessible to all who are willing to participate in the sport, especially in areas that the sport hasn’t reached. Bale has expressed gratitude for being appointed as an ambassador and highlighted the good work in growing the sport beyond geographical limits.

Bale, with his experience, will help in enrolling and guiding golfers for the upcoming tournament at Walton Health. This certainly means that Curry will not have as much free time as he claimed.

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