“I have 4 rings. how about you?”: Shaquille O’Neal claps back to Charles Barkley’s subtle ‘you’ve never been slim’ jab

Halloween celebrations have hit their peak in the NBA community, with many players donning Halloween costumes for the 2023 edition. Even retired legends like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley joined in the fun, along with the entire NBA on TNT broadcasting crew.

Still, in the spirit of celebration, something unique happened recently on the NBA on TNT broadcast this morning involving two of the most dominant players in NBA history, which resulted in Shaq retaliating against Barkley’s comment.

Shaquille O’Neal claps back to Charles Barkley’s subtle jab

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are two former NBA legends who are part of the NBA on the TNT broadcasting team. These two are known for their playful banter on screen.  In a recent NBA game on TNT, Shaq claps back at Charles Barkley’s subtle jab.

Shaquille O'Neal Clap back at Charles Barkley with "I have four ring", how about you?
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Charles Barkley asked Shaq if he knew what “Slenderman,” was, and Shaq said that he did not know what Slenderman was. It is a fictional online personality who is known for his slimness. Barkley replied with a funny comment, saying, “That’s because you’ve never been slim.” This playful jab was obviously for Shaq, who is 7 feet 1 inch and once admitted to weighing over 400 pounds at some point in his career.

Shaquille O’Neal said in another playful moment, “I have 4 rings. How about you?!” This was a reference to his four NBA championship rings. It is just a classic example of Shaq using his championship success to beat his colleague in their friendship rivalry that has been going on for years. These exchanges are a testament to the chemistry and entertainment value that Shaq and Charles Barkley bring to the NBA on TNT broadcasts, making them fan favorites for their humor and candid commentary on the game of basketball.

Shaquille O’Neal dressed as ‘emo’ Jimmy Butler for Halloween

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal brought some humor to Halloween by dressing up as Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler, who had sported a unique ’emo’ look during the Miami Heat’s annual media day. Butler’s distinctive outfit, hairstyle, and piercings had grabbed attention. Shaq, known for his playful personality, decided to pay tribute to Butler by mimicking his ‘Emo Jimmy’ style.

O’Neal’s costume closely resembled Butler’s outfit, featuring a t-shirt, wig, and piercings. This playful comparison gained widespread attention on social media. The Halloween spirit also caught on with O’Neal’s Inside the NBA co-hosts. Charles Barkley dressed as a bus driver with his characteristic wit, Ernie Johnson embraced a Vito Corleone look from “The Godfather,” and Kenny Smith paid homage to his “The Jet” nickname with a Top Gun-inspired costume.

Shaquille O’Neal’s playful nod to Jimmy Butler’s distinctive style added a dash of entertainment to the NBA’s Halloween celebrations. However, this reveals that even legendary players like Shaq can embrace the spirit of fun and good fellowship on this special occasion.

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