Mercedes driver points finger at Max Verstappen for Sergio Perez’s crash amid F1 pundit’s call for superstar swap

Sergio Perez was involved in a crash as soon as the race started during the Mexico GP. Going into turn 1, Sergio Perez was with Charles Leclerc. Leclerc was already Max battling Max Verstappen for the lead of the race and he was unaware of Sergio Perez while braking, who then made contact with Charles, leading to a huge crash. Checo beached his car into the gravel and immediately retired, whereas Charles was left with damage control for the remaining laps.

Sergio Perez was the home hero during the race and fans were pretty disappointed to see him retire. On one hand, no driver was given a penalty and even Checo thinks he took a risk and it went wrong but another driver thinks that Max Verstappen had a role to play in this unfortunate crash.

Esteban Gutierrez blames Verstappen for Perez fiasco

In a typical lap 1, turn 1 incident, no one is really blamed unless and until they take unnecessary risks, which end up creating chaos deliberately and leaving the race in shambles. However, Esteban Gutierrez, Mercedes developmental driver, thinks that the race winner Max Verstappen too should be blamed for the crash.

He sympathized with Perez for the crash and stated there was a bit of bad luck involved in the incident. “It’s a pity for Perez and a pity for Mexico,” said Gutierrez in a podcast after the race.

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“I think he was really brave for trying that move. I mean, in that kind of situation, as a driver, when you get such a good start, you go all in sometimes. And that’s when you sometimes find yourself in that kind of situation.”

“There was a bit of bad luck,” continued the driver. “An unlucky position there as well because Max moved a bit to the left and then squeezed Charles, and then, of course, Charles had nowhere to go.”

F1 Pundit suggests Red Bull should trade Perez for Fernando Alonso

The F1 paddock is always opinionated, with various what-ifs and hypothetical situations. There are situations and theories that make people ponder whether the end results are indeed true. One such theory is involved regarding Fernando Alonso, with the Spaniard becoming a hot topic for discussion about changing teams.

F1's alternate reality without Max Verstappen: An enthralling fight for the  title
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Spanish presenter Lobato suggested an interesting face-off with Red Bull regarding Fernando Alonso’s recent failures at Checo and the fact that Sergio Perez couldn’t take the fight to Max Verstappen this season.

“A few weeks ago, a game emerged on social media,” Lobato continued, “a creative game, which was about making a change, the ‘Magic Swap’, which was to put Fernando in Red Bull and bring Checo Pérez back to Aston Martin.”

Fernando Alonso explains why he rejected all of Red Bull's 'offers' | F1  News
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“And I think a little fueled by the words of Helmut Marko, saying that the only one who could bring a bit of equality to things would be Fernando to Max Verstappen. It would be nice, imagine the experience against the youth. Also, two drivers who look quite similar.”

What do you think about this hot swap between Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso? Do you think Alonso may compete for another championship if he goes up against Verstappen? Tell us in the comments section.


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