“I really wanted to be with the jaguars, but Titans has different side to me” : Calvin Ridley on leaving Jaguars

Following a successful college journey, Calvin Ridley set off on his NFL venture with the Atlanta Falcons in 2018. Later, the Falcons team demonstrated their strategic acumen by trading a seasoned player to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2022. However, Ridley surprised everyone by joining the Tennessee Titans in free agency.

Amid swirling speculations surrounding his transfer, the former Falcons standout recently unveiled the rationale behind his decision.

Calvin Ridley has honest admission about time with Jaguar

Calvin Ridley caused a stir during the early stages of free agency by joining forces with the Tennessee Titans. However, as the Titans celebrated their latest addition, Ridley’s supporters in Jacksonville were left with conflicting emotions, longing for another chance to witness his talents. The former player himself acknowledged the surprising turn of events during his introductory news conference, revealing that his passion was set on joining the team.

“I really wanted to be with the Jags, but there’s a lot of things that wasn’t working out for me and then I think the Titans had that other side for me, so I chose the Titans.”

Ridley’s decision to sign with the Titans follows a challenging phase in his NFL journey. Following a period of absence due to mental health concerns and a subsequent suspension for engaging in NFL game betting, he made a successful comeback, participating in all 17 games of the 2023 season.

Throughout the last season, he showcased his outstanding talents on the field, making an impressive 76 receptions and leading the team with 1,016 receiving yards.

Is $92 million forcing Calvin Ridley to choose the Titans over Jaguars

Calvin Ridley stirred controversy when he decided to enter free agency, leaving fans and analysts speculating about his next move. Nevertheless, the Titans swooped in at the last minute and secured Ridley with a lucrative four-year, $92 million contract, including $50 million guaranteed. When asked about his decision, the 29-year-old admitted that monetary factors played a significant role in his choice

“Obviously the money was pretty good, so I went with that, and yeah, I’m here,” he said, per ESPN.

His desire to contribute more to the offense of the Titans was a factor in his choice to sign with them in addition to financial considerations. In Jacksonville, Ridley discovered a wealth of offensive talent, with the likes of Evan Engram, Travis Etienne, Zay Jones, and Christian Kirk all vying for attention. However, his longing for additional chances to make a difference on the field went unfulfilled.

“Jacksonville, they have a lot of weapons over there and sometimes when I was there, I was like, feeling a little weird because I was always someone who wants the ball and I want to crack the game for us,” he said.

The seasoned wide receiver adds a plethora of experience and skill to the Titans’ offensive lineup, offering a dependable option for quarterback Will Levis. With the addition of Mason Rudolph as Levis’s backup, the Titans’ quarterback depth chart seems adequately equipped to tackle upcoming obstacles.

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