Jake Paul’s 4-word reaction to Mike Tyson’s daring query?

The boxing community is going absolutely crazy over Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s forthcoming fight, which will be televised live on Netflix. The event caused quite a stir due to the apparent age gap between the two fighters.

Fans as well as analysts are divided on the issue of whether Mike Tyson will be able to replicate the vigor of his youth or become prey to his opponent, adding another big name to Jake Paul’s resume.

Jake Paul responds to latest Mike Tyson sparring video

The announcement of the Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul match was met with a negative response from the combat sports community. That hasn’t prevented Mike Tyson from working hard in the gym to succeed in his comeback to the sport, though.

Tyson recently uploaded a video in which he hit pads held by Rafael Cordeiro, the acclaimed head coach of Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, California. Tyson showed off his signature peek-a-boo style and ferociousness in the workout session, which he captioned with a stern warning, “You still wanna f*** with me?”.

“Yes, yes I do”, tweeted Paul in response as he retweeted Tyson’s video post. Paul has been full of confidence ever since the fight was announced but has been met with negative criticism from many, particularly KSI.

Paul sternly replied to KSI as he brought forward the British influencer’s double standards. KSI had earlier admitted that he could not defeat Tyson but recently remarked that Tyson is an easy matchup for Paul.

Mike Tyson accused of faking training videos

Several prominent figures from the world of combat sports, including Dana White, Eddie Hearn, and Conor McGregor, expressed strong criticism of the fight announcement. Now, Chael Sonnen, a retired three-time UFC title challenger, expressed his strong disapproval of Tyson’s appearance on the Valuetainment Podcast, as per Mirror.

“In the future, if you’re ever going to spend five seconds hitting mitts, as a way of making the audience believe you’re doing a training session, make sure you splash water on your face and T-shirt first”, Sonnen said in the interview, as he was not convinced by the training footage that Tyson posted on his social media.

Sonnen’s interview took place prior to Tyson’s consistent sharing of training videos on his social media platforms. In Sonnen’s opinion, Paul should have faced off against MMA veteran Vitor Belfort, who recently defeated Evander Holyfield, a boxer with a 2-0 record against Tyson.

Before Sonnen, Dana White had criticized the matchup for the 31-year age difference whereas Eddie Hearn, the Matchroom promoter, expressed sadness for the fight. Moreover, Conor McGregor was very skeptical of the level of interest in the fight.

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