“I’m wearing them”: Adam Silver confirms NBA’s partnership with Kim Kardashian’s ‘Skims’ underwear brand

The NBA and its sports executive Adam Silver have witnessed immense growth and transformation over the years, evolving beyond a traditional sports league to a cultural phenomenon. As the league continues to skyrocket in popularity, it has attracted numerous brands and sponsors looking to tap into its vast reach and influence. And this time it could well be with the famous internet personality, Kim Kardashian.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently announced a groundbreaking partnership between the league and Kim Kardashian’s renowned ‘Skims’ underwear brand. This unexpected union has set the sports and fashion worlds ablaze, with fans divided into their own opinions about the sudden collaboration for the 2023 season.

Adam Silver wears Kim Kardashian’s ‘Skims’ underwear

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently revealed that he has become a fan of Kim Kardashian’s renowned ‘Skims’ underwear line. During a brief interview, Silver proudly admitted, “I’m wearing them,” highlighting the unexpected collaboration between the NBA and the SKIMS brand. But the question on everyone’s mind was how this unexpected partnership came to be.

Silver credited Casey Wasserman, a prominent figure in the sports industry, for connecting him with Kardashian, leading to a fruitful collaboration.

Adam Silver went on to praise the comfort and functionality of the SKIMS undergarments, emphasizing their positive impact on the players’ game. “When guys are more comfortable, it makes them play better,” Silver expressed.

Adam Silver’s announcement comes on the heels of increasing demand for comfortable, high-performance underwear in the sports world, with athletes seeking garments that allow them to focus on their performance without any distractions.

The NBA’s decision to partner with ‘Skims’ signifies an evolution in the league’s approach to player welfare, acknowledging the importance of optimal support during intense physical activity.

With SKIMS known for its innovative and inclusive designs, Silver’s decision to bring the brand to the NBA further emphasizes his dedication to enhancing the players’ experience on and off the court. By teaming up with SKIMS, the NBA aims to bring a new wave of comfort and confidence to the players while showcasing a fashion-forward approach.

Adam Silver with their new collab "SKIMS"
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Only time will tell if the endorsement of ‘Skims’ underwear will drive a new trend in sports performance apparel, revolutionizing how athletes approach their preparation for the game.

Which brand is the NBA’s new underwear partner?

Skims, the renowned American shapewear and clothing brand co-founded by Kim Kardashian, Emma Grede, and Jens Grede, has once again left its mark in the fashion world. With a steadfast focus on body positivity and inclusivity, Skims continues to redefine industry standards by embracing individuals of all sizes and backgrounds.

Embracing this ethos, Skims recently unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with the NBA, WNBA, and USA basketball teams. While exact financial details regarding the multiyear partnership remain undisclosed, this move showcases the brand’s commitment to empowering athletes and its role in the wider sports arena.

The NBA, known for its ability to generate significant revenue from sponsorships, has experienced exponential growth in recent years. According to SponsorUnited, a leading sponsorship tracking company, NBA sponsorship revenue surpassed $1.4 billion in the 2022–23 season, a staggering increase of over $100 million compared to the previous year. This financial growth is driven by a multitude of successful partnerships, including the league’s recent collaboration with Skims.

Skims’ partnership with the NBA signifies a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, positioning it front and center in the sports industry. By joining forces with one of the world’s most prestigious basketball leagues, Skims continues to pioneer and promote inclusivity within the realm of athletic apparel.

This collaboration between Skims and the NBA not only strengthens the brand’s position in the market but also provides the sporting franchise with the opportunity to reach wider audiences. By aligning themselves with a reputable brand like Skims, the NBA can tap into the fashion and body positivity movement, forging connections with consumers who value both style and inclusivity. 

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