Tom Brady offers his honest thoughts on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes being the future GOAT of NFL: “it’s going to be interesting”

This season marks the first time in over two decades that the NFL community is deprived of Tom Brady’s dynasty. The clock has stopped for the seven-time Super Bowl winner, but it has just started for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback legend Patrick Mahomes.

Though Mahomes has yet to match Brady’s stellar resume, his dedication on and off the field suggests that he is destined to become an NFL legend with an accolades-filled career. Tom Brady himself has come out to support Mahomes, predicting a dazzling future for the young quarterback.

 Tom Brady’s candid thoughts on Patrick Mahomes

In the Let’s Go podcast, Tom Brady exchanged his views on Mahomes, claiming the Chief’s starter is a Pro football quarterback. Mahomes’ contribution to the Chief’s winning streak did not go unmentioned by the fifteen-time Pro Bowler.

 “I think when I’m looking at guys in pro football, quarterbacks, Patrick’s the one that really stands out… They’ve done a great job since he’s really taken over.”

The New England Patriots’s Super Bowl-winning player, though, gave some credit to Andy Reid for Mahomes’s supremacy as per him, he is the one playing the silent role behind Mahomes’s success.

“And he’s got a really great coach like I was fortunate [to have] like you were fortunate [to have] that helps you and is there for you when things are going good and not good. Gives you the humble pie when things are going good and knows how to pick you up when things aren’t good.”

It’s a usual form of Brady being grateful for the team’s coach and even after leaving the Patriots many years ago, he still didn’t hold back from backing Bill Belichick for the Patriots’s losing streak.

Tom Brady encouraged Patrick Mahomes to pursue NFL longevity

Striving to be an NFL great, the 28-year-old knows that his body is his most valuable asset. He views Tom Brady as a role model for his unwavering commitment to maintaining peak physical condition for an extended career.

From rigorous training methods to a balanced diet, Pat prioritizes his health above all else. 

“People really started recognizing that with Tom Brady. And how much he takes care of his body, and why he’s still playing until he’s 45 years old.”

Tom Terrific’s personal trainer revealed that the 45-year-old follows an 80/20 diet, consisting of 80% plant-based foods and 20% meats, with minimal added sugars and carbohydrates.

Tom Brady

According to, Mahomes is mindful of his eating habits. He makes a point of consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein. 

To further prevent overeating, he eats four to five small meals per day. This method helps him avoid eating too much at once because he prioritizes his health and longevity in order to have a long and successful career.

” To me, I saw that and I was like: ‘I need to take my game to the next level.'”

Recently, Mahomes witnessed one of the worst career performances, while losing his dominance over the Denver Broncos. Mahomes’ pal Travis Kelce is already determined that his teammate will be able to surpass Tom Brady. What’s your opinion?

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