Is Chiefs’ Andy Reid planning to retire after NFL 2023-24 season?

In the opinion of all NFL fanatics around the country, if there is any active coach who will ever come close to the likes of Bill Belichick, it is Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Under his tutelage, the franchise has flourished beyond recognition and has made Arrowhead a hotbed of success.

Moreover, during his tenure at the storied franchise, Reid has nurtured impeccable talent like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, who have gone on to reach great heights for the franchise and create amazing memories for the Chiefs faithful. Now that Reid’s retirement rumors are doing the rounds, let’s find out more about the same.

Chiefs’ Andy Reid planning to retire?

It has to be said that Andy Reid has been the best coach that the Kansas City Chiefs have had in a long time, based on the achievements they have racked up in the last five years. However, from the looks of it, the 65-year-old might be considering retiring from the league after the end of this season.

According to Marca, veteran NFL analyst Mike Florio has reason to believe that Reid might be hanging up his clipboard. He said, “The one I’m watching is, when the Chiefs season ends, is Andy Reid going to retire? He has said he is not thinking about it, and the smart aleck would say there is nothing to think about if he has said he is not going to do it.”

Florio went on saying, “I think there’s reason to believe. The Chiefs have the possibility on their radar screen; we’ll find out when the season ends. You know, a lot of times guy keeps his mouth shut until it’s all said and done. He doesn’t want to be the story. He doesn’t want to be the focal point. He doesn’t want it to be the issue.”

Andy Reid is starting to get near Bill Belichick’s record

Well, the comparisons between Andy Reid and Bill Belichick might have some merit after all. As confirmed by the league’s official page, Andy Reid is only eight playoff wins away from equaling Belichick’s record of 31 wins in his entire career.

However, this means that Andy Reid will have to keep going for another two seasons at the very least, which might go against his wishes of retiring at the end of this season.

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