Is former Rockets star Kevin Porter Jr’s ex-girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick returning to WNBA?

Former Houston Rockets star Kevin Porter’s ex-girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick was one of the highest-rated players in her draft class. However, things went south, and the star was eventually floating around without a team, and her situation was then overshadowed by legal battles following her relationship with former NBA star Kevin Porter Jr.

Things might have finally turned around for her, as now it seems as if the WNBA star is set to make a return to the league.

Is Kysre Gondrezick returning to WNBA?

While there are no concrete signs, former Indiana Fever player Kysre Gondrezick may be set to make her return to the WNBA.

A few days ago, a sports management agency took to Instagram to announce that they had signed the former Indiana Fever star. This move could mean that the 2021 lottery pick could be making a potential comeback to the league.

Kysre Gondrezick
Kysre Gondzerick played for the Indiana Fever, via Indiana Star

Drafted in 2021, Kysre was picked by the Indiana Fever, and she appeared in 19 of the team’s 36 season games. However, her performances did not go as she would have hoped. Kysre Gondrezick averaged a very meager 1.9 points per game, along with 0.9 assists and 1 rebound.

Following her shambolic performances, the Fever waived her off for the 2022 season, and she went on to join the Chicago Sky for their 2022 season training camp. Once again, she was waived off before the season even began.

Kysre Gondrezick
Kysre Gondrezick could make a WNBA comeback soon, via Sports Illustrated

Ever since her exit, the player has not forgotten her skill and continues to sharpen it to make a return to the league. Now, her agreement with the sports management agency may elevate her to find opportunities in the league among those teams looking for a solid sharpshooter.

Kysre Gondrezick shot to fame, not for her basketball performances but for her chaotic relationship with former Houston Rockets player Kevin Porter Jr.

What happened between Kevin Porter Jr and Kysre Gondrezick?

Last year, former NBA player Kevin Porter Jr., who was a promising player in the league and one of the core players of the Houston Rockets, was reported to be accused of repeatedly punching his then-girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick in the face and choking her till she lost the ability to breathe.

Kevin Porter Jr.
KPJ pleaded guilty for assaulting Gondrezick via Getty Images

According to reports, the harassment only stopped when Gondrezick ran away from the incident, and hotel staff found the room to be bloodied. The incident allegedly occurred when Kysre Gondrezick was sleeping before KPJ began assaulting her.

Earlier this year, the young star pleaded guilty to a third-degree misdemeanor and second-degree harassment, a violation. Porter Jr.’s case has the chance to be dismissed, provided he meets the requirements of the court.

After all this chaos, Kysre Gondrezick may finally be on the verge of playing basketball on the global stage once again. Are you excited to see her back in action once again? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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