Nick Aldis’ wife and WWE veteran lavish praise on ‘underappreciated’ star Bayley’s Royal Rumble triumph

WWE star Bayley made her dreams come true after she won the Women’s Royal Rumble match on January 27 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. The ‘Role Model’ won the match after she eliminated Liv Morgan from the ring and made her ‘Road to WrestleMania’ moment.

The WWE universe is happy with the Damage CTRL leader taking the victory, and even athletes like Hall of Famer Mark Henry and Mickie James, who is the wife of SmackDown GM Nick Aldis, hailed Bayley for her triumph in the Florida event.

Mark Henry & Mickie James hail Bayley’s Royal Rumble win

WWE former wrestler Mark Henry and Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently reviewed the Royal Rumble match on “Busted Open Radio,” during which they shared their take on the ‘Role Model’ winning the Royal Rumble match at Tropicana Field Stadium.

Mickie James added her bit during the show; she said, “For me, obviously, I was looking forward to it but I thought it was probably a match of the night for so many reasons because of the surprises, because of Trinity coming back home. I think Bayley is one of my favorite female wrestlers ever, she’s so good. And if you think about all the things she has done and all the moments that she’s had, I think that she goes underappreciated in the fan’s eyes and sometimes in the office’s eyes”. Later she added, “I think I was pulling for Bayley, and also that she was in there for so long, like 63 minutes? Right.”

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry said in his piece, “I’m so happy to see Bayley get the respect and shine that she deserves. If you polled all the women at WWE and asked who did they look at as the best wrestler, Bayley would be in the top three for every one of them”.

How many times has Bayley competed at Royal Rumble?

Bayley has competed in almost every women’s Royal Rumble match since it was first introduced back in 2018. The 34-year-old WWE star only missed the Royal Rumble 2020 match when she had to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Lacey Evans.

Bayley successfully defended her title after Evans jumped from the top rope for the ‘Top Rope Rumble’ and the Damage CTRL leader got her leg up to injure Lacey. She then pinned the challenger to retain her title.

Bayley is now heading to WrestleMania 40, where she will either challenge WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky or WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Rhea Ripley is Bayley’s preferred target as Iyo Sky is a member of her faction, so challenging Judgement Day’s eradicator and taking her title will see her faction rise to an unprecedented level.

During an interview with Denise Salcedo, Rhea Ripley shared her opinion on Bayley’s potential target for the WrestleMania event. She said, “I love Bayley. I think she’s great. I’ve danced with her in the ring a couple of times, and we’ve teamed together with WarGames and all that. I want to say that she has love for me too, and she wouldn’t choose me for Wrestlemania and just throw away her ticket to WrestleMania like that. If I were her, I would keep my eyes on the people around her because it’s good to keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”

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