J.J. McCarthy names one WR he wants to pair with

J.J. McCarthy wrapped up his tenure at Michigan with an impressive 27-1 record as a starting quarterback, leaving behind a legacy that garnered attention from quarterback-needy teams across the NFL. His pivotal role in leading Michigan to its first national championship victory since 1997 has only added to his allure as a potential NFL prospect.

Amidst the buzz surrounding his transition to the NFL, McCarthy recently made headlines by revealing the wide receivers he aspires to collaborate with in his professional career.

J.J. McCarthy names his favored NFL WR

During a recent session at the NFL Combine, J.J. McCarthy fielded a question about his ideal wide receiver targets to work with in the NFL. McCarthy didn’t shy away, rattling off three notable names: Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings, Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, currently thriving with the Seattle Seahawks.

His desire to team up with Justin Jefferson doesn’t come as a surprise, given Jefferson’s impressive NFL career, which includes three Pro-Bowl selections. Interestingly, the Vikings are holding the No. 11 pick. The tram could potentially draft McCarthy, who has already interviewed with the franchise during the combine.

McCarthy’s interest in playing alongside Davante Adams stems from his admiration for the Raiders’ new head coach, Antonio Pierce, whom the quarterback holds in high regard. 

However, while Jefferson and Adams are established stars in the NFL, Jaxon Smith-Njigba of the Seattle Seahawks is still making his mark. McCarthy acknowledged Smith-Njigba’s talent, especially after facing him on the field, which left a lasting impression on him.

J.J. McCarthy’s NFL Combine performance

J.J. McCarthy made his appearance at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis over the weekend. During the event, McCarthy underwent measurements and participated in throwing drills.

While his performance wasn’t flawless, with some struggles in throwing left outside the numbers, he displayed signs of improvement as the day progressed. 

Hamstring tightness sidelined McCarthy from key drills like the jumps and the 40-yard dash during the combine. But opting for recovery makes sense, as staying healthy is crucial for impressing scouts later on.

McCarthy was sidelined from some drills, including the broad jump, vertical jump, and 40-yard sprint, due to a hamstring issue. However, he weighed in at over 6’2″ and 219 pounds, showing a significant increase from his college weight of 202 pounds.

During his final college year, the quarterback turned heads with his on-field performance, racking up a stat sheet full of impressive numbers: 2,991 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and a mere four interceptions. It was his dazzling display in the Rose Bowl against Alabama that truly put him on the map, catching the eyes of important figures in the world of football.

The current head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, Jim Harbaugh, even expressed his belief in McCarthy’s abilities, suggesting that he could be a top pick in the upcoming NFL draft. According to Bleacher Report’s NFL Scouting Department, McCarthy is ranked as the fourth-best quarterback available in this year’s draft. 

With endorsements from respected coaches like Harbaugh, McCarthy’s draft stock remains high as teams evaluate their quarterback options for the future.

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