Ja Morant blames himself for Grizzlies terrible start to NBA season, expresses enthusiasm on returning after 25-game suspension

The Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is yet to make his return to the NBA and is still serving his lengthy suspension. Morant was suspended for 25 games because he flashed multiple guns on social media.

His absence has been felt by the Grizzles, as they have struggled a lot this season. The suspended star recently shared his thoughts on his return and took responsibility for his team’s poor start.

Ja Morant talks on Grizzlies poor start to NBA season

Ja Morant recently talked about the bad start of the Memphis Grizzlies this season. Bleacher Report reported Morant’s statement and posted his words on X. Morant took responsibility for the poor start of his team this season.

Morant reportedly said, “Decisions I had made did not allow me to be out there to go to battle with my team.” The Grizzlies have been unable to keep up with the rest of the league and currently have a poor record of 6-17. The absence of Morant is felt throughout the whole team as he was a key player for them. Now it is yet to be seen whether Ja Morant’s return will change anything for the Grizzles or if there is no saving them.

Ja Morant
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Ja Morant shares insight on his NBA return

Ja Morant’s 25-game suspension from the NBA will end on December 19, so the time has almost come for him to return. The Memphis star shared a press conference where he revealed his thoughts on returning to the court after a long time. The reporter asked Morant about his feelings and whether he was feeling antsy at the thought of returning after a long time.

Morant said, “I can say it’s been a while but you know it kinda went by fast. I feel like like I said earlier what helped me was being around the guys (Grizzlies squad) you know as much as I could be. You know it kinda helped me through it and helped this suspension go by fast. I’ve been counting down the days myself, I wake up every day and be like yeah one day closer.”

What do you think of Ja Morant’s statement on taking responsibility for the bad start of the Grizzles? What do you think about him returning? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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