Is WWE RAW moving to Warner Brothers Discovery? Exploring the rumored move

The WWE’s Monday Night RAW is one of its flagship programs, along with Friday Night SmackDown and NXT. The current TV deals for these shows will expire in 2024, and WWE is looking for new partners to maximize its revenue.

SmackDown and NXT have already secured new deals, with SmackDown moving from FOX to the USA Network and NXT moving from the USA Network to the CW Network. However, the future of RAW is uncertain, as USA Network is unlikely to renew its contract due to the high cost of the rights. Recently, news regarding the TV rights for RAW has been rumored.

Is WWE RAW moving to Warner Bros. Discovery?

WWE has been exploring various options for RAW and has reportedly met with potential partners such as Disney, Amazon, Netflix, and Warner Brothers Discovery. Warner Brothers Discovery is the current home of AEW, WWE’s main rival in the wrestling industry, and airs its shows on TNT and TBS WBD also has an ownership stake in AEW, which makes it an unlikely partner for WWE.

Reports confirm that on Monday morning, WBD executive Bruce Campbell met with TKO’s Marc Shapiro, WWE’s Nick Khan, and Chief Content Officer of WWE, Triple H, in New York City at the Warner Bros. Discovery offices to discuss the transfer of Raw to the WBD family.

Ibou of also wrote the following: “There are whispers that Mark Shapiro, Paul Levesque and Nick Khan have met with Warner Brothers Discovery recently, at the behest of WBD themselves. This information leaking is what’s led to the increased speculation.”

The reason why WWE is interested in Warner Brothers Discovery is because of its large audience reach and its streaming platform, HBO Max. Warner Brothers Discovery could also benefit from WWE’s popularity and content, as it could boost its ratings and subscriptions

The negotiations for RAW’s rights are still ongoing, and there is no official announcement yet. RAW is still one of the most watched shows on cable TV, but it has been declining in viewership and quality over the years. In conclusion, WWE RAW’s move to WBD is not impossible, but it is improbable.

Tony Khan discusses AEW’s relationship with WBD

Tony Khan is the owner and CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a professional wrestling promotion that competes with WWE. AEW has a broadcast partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, a media conglomerate that owns networks such as TNT, TBS, and HBO Max. Khan has recently discussed AEW’s relationship with WBD and the upcoming media rights negotiations for AEW’s shows.

Tony Khan was asked about the Warner Brothers relation with AEW, at the ROH Final Battle Media Scrum. He said, We’re performing incredibly well for Warner Brothers Discovery and we’re a very strong relationship. With media rights and all the things coming up, everyone has to do their due diligence. It’s just part of the TV business. There are a lot of really exciting things happening that I know Warner Brothers is excited about, that we’ve talked about.”

Tony Khan

Khan also said, “We’re performing incredibly well for Warners Brothers Discovery and we’re a very strong relationship. With media rights and all the things coming up, everyone has to do their due diligence”. Khan confirmed that he would love to have an even longer agreement with them, including a streaming deal for AEW events.

Khan also pointed out that the advance sales for AEW All In 2024 has been tremendous, the shows have been great, and AEW is having a successful year. Khan’s comments indicate that he is optimistic about AEW’s future with WBD, and that he is open to exploring various options for both AEW and ROH.


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