Jake Paul wants to play wide receiver in the NFL after retiring from boxing

Growing up in the United States, the NFL is widely regarded as the pinnacle of sporting excellence. Playing catch with your dad and running elaborate plays with your neighborhood buddies can greatly influence a young athlete’s desire to pursue a glamorous NFL career in the years to come.

It is possible that a similar situation happened with Internet personality Jake Paul, who recently discussed his aspirations to play in the NFL. Regardless of whether it becomes a reality, it has undeniably generated a great deal of curiosity surrounding its potential occurrence.

Jake Paul wants to be in NFL after boxing retirement

Jake Paul, who has created a name for himself in the YouTube boxing spectrum, is now looking for greener pastures outside his current sporting bubble. The first point on the agenda? The NFL. The YouTuber recently took to an interview and declared that he has ambitions of making it big in the NFL after retiring from boxing.

On his own show, “BS with Jake Paul,” the 26-year-old revealed his lofty ambitions. He said, “I’m gonna go the NFL after I’m done boxing and be a wide receiver.” Whether or not this dream matures into reality, one thing that can be said for certain is that Jake Paul certainly dreams big.

Netizens saw this claim and instantly took to social media platforms to voice their opinion. While most of them ridiculed the YouTuber for wanting to be in the NFL without any professional training, some also saw the possibility of it actually happening. One user commented, “So he wants to be a world champion in boxing but is already focusing on after boxing before hes even had 10 fights lmao,” while another quipped, “He took over boxing, he can take over football.”

Jake Paul once beat Tyreek Hill on 1v1

However ridiculous this may sound, Jake Paul’s NFL dreams might actually make some sense. In a podcast that he did with Tyreek Hill, the Miami Dolphins WR, a year ago, the two were seen racing each other in a 1v1 run.

Now, if you can beat the “Cheetah” in a foot race, chances are that you are faster than a whole lot of other WRs in the league. This video, on top of his recent comments, has led to an insane amount of speculation, which suggests that Jake Paul might actually pursue this soaring dream.


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